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Leonard Walker

I normally never read a novel in one sitting, but this novel really glued me to my seat … It is simply awesome.

[The Wormhole Effect] has given me the assurance that there is such a thing called time travel. As I flipped from page to page, I realized one thing that the author delivers – he is telling me how the power of love can overcome all odds, even it takes the main character more than 50 years to see it. Of course, he displayed a good sense of knowledge on how the wormhole started and how it can actually time warp people between two time dimensions.

The author took great pains to develop the main characters, Anna and Daniel, with the help of a little action, adventures and science. This novel is really for anyone whom some old-fashion science fiction, for example like the trilogy, Back to the Future.

There is this particular chapter 5 where as the author the anomaly of the wormhole that Dr. Anna is experiencing. Without giving too much away to all, I would suggest you read this novel if you want to experience come good old-fashion sci-fi action, adventure and romance.

I can't wait to read more of this author. I like his writing style. ~ Ethan McKenzie


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