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Sierra Roberts

When you read about Sierra’s ventures into the fifth dimension, and her experiences through meditation, do so with an open mind. While it may not be your experience, or even something you easily understand, there is something within each article which offers some soul wisdom, opportunities for growth, and a chance to begin and continue to develop concepts beyond the ones we currently associate with this world. Through Sierra’s articles there is hope and love and compassion. Use it how you will but do take an opportunity to read them and let them take you where they will. I found them an interesting read and look forward to a time when my meditations take me deeper.

~ Gael Wolfe, NZ


'Read Welcome to the 5th Dimension now if you are wondering how to shift to the new energy vibration that some are already wholeheartedly embracing. In this book, Sierra describes her wondrous fifth dimension visits, and the 5th dimension visits of others that she facilitated. Those visits and her daily (3rd dimension) challenges are told in a down-to-earth yet light-hearted way. Throughout the book you will find hope, wisdom and precious insights that will stand you in good stead during these very uncertain times on Earth.'

~ Fiona Miller, life coach, NZ


'Thank you so much for your courage and for sharing your experiences, Sierra. You have opened my eyes and heart up to a very loving and encouraging reality. I now understand and feel the vast difference between third and fifth dimension living - between fear and love - yet how easily accessible the loving fifth dimension is if only we choose, ask and trust. I hope that one day I can help others as you do, to once again find their true home in Spirit. Thank you!'

~ Jo Cooper, NZ


'Spiritual seekers who are genuine about expanding their awareness of the spirit world and the ascension of Mother Earth will gain a great deal from Welcome to the 5th Dimension. If you want the latest on what's happening, look no more. This is essential reading for those who also enjoy books by Dolores Cannon.'

~ Scott Parkinson, Aust (Spiritual teacher and channel for Sanat Kumara)


'I find strength in Lorraine's words of wisdom and practical, sound advice. Welcome to the 5th Dimension is joyful and full of hope. I was touched and inspired by Sierra's spiritual knowledge and guidance. Sierra's journeys to the fifth dimension are amazing and beautiful; who wouldn't love to go there! Sierra's style of writing made this book so easy to read, and the content made it compelling to read.'

~ Penny Vollweiler, NZ


'I believe women have a leading role to play in the evolution of the earth and its rising vibration in this day. Sierra is one who takes on this role with vigor. In this, her latest book, she writes directly from Spirit. It becomes obvious to the reader that not only is she unafraid to write an unwatered version of what is channelled to her, she also endeavors to live her life here on Earth in the way she writes. This book is a playful and positive read for all those who are serious about moving on into unseen dimensions. As I read, I could feel a multitude of unseen beings, cheering me on to new places and new heights. And my favorite line? " Faith is a bird that feels dawn breaking and sings while it is still dark."

~ Alison R. NZ


'I finished reading Welcome to the 5th Dimension last night. I loved it. While reading it, I went through a range of emotions: tearful, a knowing, lightness of heart, realization. Most of all is the realization/understanding. I have been asking for an answer to where I should be for a long time, and now I know. I have known for some time, but fear takes over. Lorraine is right – the only thing holding us back is fear. We can choose to stay in the fear and live dull or follow our heart/soul and follow the light path. Everything is made from energy.'

~ Laura R. UK 


WELCOME TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION has changed some of the ways in which I view life, and it has given me support, encouragement, and insight, to pursue real transformation with courage. This book is about getting to the heart of each and every one of us through the path of positive experiences that are intensely transformative. It has opened the door for me to embark down a path of more peace, joy, and inner freedom than I could have ever imagined, and because of it have found new purpose that hopefully will help Mother Earth and all Souls that are willing and ready, to transition into the 5th dimension.

~ Patricia Adell, Asheville, NC 


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