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PG Forte

In Visions Before Midnight, P.G. Forte makes the reader feel they are living in a town that opens up within the pages of the book, and the reader has stepped inside. Chay and Erin open up the floor to many secondary characters. Chay wishes to find someone that will share in his dream and his traditions. Erin has been bitterly hurt by a divorce and never wants to link with anyone again. The two find a way into each others heart and it appears no matter what else maybe happening in the world around them, their hearts speak in volumes to reach out and heal the other. I love their story. P.G. Forte paints a visual scene of events that really capture the reader’s heart in this enjoyable tale with a huge cast that is quite awe-inspiring.

Overall rating: 4 hearts

Sensuality rating: Sweet

~ Linda L., The Romance Studio


The author has done a good job writing things so new readers can understand what is going on. However, I highly recommend reading the previous books before this one.

Though Erin and Chay are considered the main characters, I found that several of the secondary characters received almost as much time in the spot light. Marsha and Seth are a couple of characters that I found myself very interested in. This is not a series you can simply skim through. If you read it slowly, which I recommend since a lot is going on, each book blends into the next, creating a soap opera feeling. I enjoyed it all thoroughly!

~ Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews


Once again, Ms. Forte continues the Oberon series in a suspenseful and intriguing way. Oberon is a town belonging to psychics and other paranormal entities. Interesting characters and even secondary characters are the main thread in these series. Although the seventh in the series, each one can stand-alone. Each Oberon resident has it’s own story to tell, and each just as fascinating as the last. From ghosts to mind reading to all kinds of supernatural, this is one series you do not want to miss. Sensual romance and exciting suspense fills this story to the brim.

~ Wateena, Coffee Time Romance


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