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PG Forte


An excellent addition to the Oberon series! This one has lots of tension and suspense. I could not help but wish for more magic, but everything is extremely well done. The author lets readers see glimpses of the relationships involving those close to Sinead's heart (such as her sisters), but not too much that would ruin the stories of the others. Recommended reading!

~ Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews


Rating: 5 Cups

Touch of a Vanished Hand is the next book in this saga of Oberon. Many questions and secrets are revealed in this story as we revisit the Quinn sisters. Does Marsha overcome her fears of marrying Sam? Will they tie the knot? Will Ryan ever be able to see the differences between Siobhan and Sinead? This book reaches an exciting climax that will shock you. I cannot wait for the next book in this exciting series.

~Sherry, Coffee Time Romance


The Oberon series is already a collection of books well worth gracing your cyber library with. So, Touch of a Vanished Hand should already be on your wish list, for sure. Magic, suspense, romance; they're all here in equal proportions, combining to deliver a mind blowing whirlwind of emotional intricacy. More often than not, as a reviewer, I recommend individual books, but this time, I'm recommending a complete Oberon series.

My personal, favorite reads of the year 2005.

~ Carrie White, Author


P.G. Forte gifts readers with another addition to her Oberon series. Touch of a Vanished Hand brings together a woman who has no use for magic with a man that believes in all the unknowns of Oberon. Is there any common ground for two such different people?

Adam Sasso would appear to have it all; money, good looks, and a presence that has more than one woman looking at him twice. Yet for all this, he is still alone, his soul mate remains an illusive mystery. When he casts a spell to aide his heart’s quest, he is not prepared for the changes it will bring.

Sinead Quinn left Oberon for a reason and has rarely looked back. However, when she is dogged by relentless trouble, she goes home to regroup. Working for Adam Sasso might be her saving grace; that is until Adam starts getting a little too close to her heart for comfort. When murder and mystery follow in the steps of Sinead’s homecoming, she has to wonder if coming home was such a good idea.

Touch of a Vanished Hand is the fifth book in the Oberon series. The pacing of the story has a very natural feel and enables readers to be easily swept up in the story. Having read other books in the Oberon series, I am impressed with how well Ms. Forte stays true to the environment and characters she has crafted in the previous installments while still managing to imbue each new story with fresh events and people. The story falls easily into the timeline of the series. Fans of Oberon will enjoy getting to catch up with past characters, while new readers will be impressed with the assemblage of characters. Sinead and Adam’s story can be read as a standalone. Their relationship is filled with obstacles and emotions that are believable. Add to this an unknown threat and this is a story that lures you in. The ending builds to a dramatic conclusion that is not to be missed.

Rating: 4 Angels

~ Amanda, Angel Reviews


P.G. Forte delivers once again with the fifth book in the Oberon series. Touch of a Vanished Hand has a little of everything and is a must read. It’s the kind of book that a guy will read and enjoy, if only in private. The action is real and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Each book can stand on it’s own, but reading one book from the series will whet your appetite for more. Ms. Forte has made for herself a devoted fan.

~ Jessica, Romance Junkies


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