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Chuck Kelly

Rating – Four Stars

In Washington, D.C., deceit, intrigue, sex, and power go hand-in-hand. And they keep Curly Morgan, P.I. in business. Working on the side with the CIA, Curly gets into the heads and beds of influential women. When his contracts start coming up dead, Curly is backed against the wall and running out of time to solve the mystery. Can he solve the crimes before the murderer gets him?

Mr. Kelly has written a powerful suspense novel. Written in a “Dick Tracy” style, Silent Obsession will keep you holding your breath with its many plot twists and turns. Both well-written and edited, this book will keep you up in suspense all night turn pages. It’s definitely a keeper.

~Lisa Hurley


A fast-paced novel centering around a private investigator, Curly Morgan, Silent Obsession presents a slant to the expected detective story.

Kelly does a great job in expanding the character of Curly, giving the reader an insight into his personality beyond the surface. The action scenes are well written and easily visible in the mind's eye. Although hints and clues are presented to veer the reader to the origin of the murders, they are not glaring enough to convince the reader of anything but that the obvious will happen. For those readers who do not want to figure out “who dunnit” until the latter part of the story, “Silent Obsession” is right up that alley and will be enjoyed.

~ Linda, Book Junction


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