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Karen Vance-Hammond

Shoe Marks was amazing! Wow! What an incredibly well written book, and a very compelling story. The book was hard to put down to say the least. Having experienced a plethora of supernatural/paranormal activity in my lifetime. I could relate and sympathize with the family. I must say that this is one of the most well written paranormal novels that I have ever read.

SHOE MARKS is a winner!

This story should be turned into a movie someday!

Congratulations, Karen!

~ Bill Bean Author/Speaker/Media Personality '


Tired of the same old paranormal read? Fortunately, Karen Vance Hammond brings us a breath of fresh air with "Shoe Marks". Karen truly has a talent for enveloping her readers into the story, which surrounds Maggie Horton, a housewife who lived during the late 1800's in Texas. The book reads like a modern day fictional novel, only this story is based on true events. Coming from a paranormal investigator of over 6 years, let me be the first to tell you that this is a must read!"

~ Brad Duplechien (Founder of Louisiana Spirits and a Sy-Fi channel Ghost Hunters T.A.P.S. Assistant)


“Life, love, death, tied to the thread of every being that lives in the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Coming full circle, Karen Vance Hammond captures all, leaving the reader with a peace in their hearts that heals and the ability for each person who reads Shoe Marks to have a hope for tomorrow.”

~ Zerida Pepp, author of Tractors, Cabs and Sleepers


"Shoe Marks is unlike any paranormal I have ever read. It's a nail biting page turner you won't be able to put down."

~ Jennifer Martz, Dallas, Texas


"History spawns the paranormal in this story. Young teens to older adults will enjoy this; a real page turner. I couldn’t put down."

~ Peace River Ghost Trackers (featured on the Sci-Fi Channel)


"Grab your pillow, you're going to need it! Shoe Marks will put you on the edge of your seat. Diabolical entertainment!

~ Tony and Doreen Jones, Vinalhaven, Maine


A small Texas town, an old farmhouse, and violent murders create the perfect ghost setting in Shoe Marks by Karen Vance Hammond. Though it is fiction, the book is inspired by true events and intriguing characters move the reader through this disquieting ghost tale. If you read Shoe Marks late at night, you might want to leave a light on.

~ Dana Davis, award-winning and bestselling author and paranormal investigator


"Karen Vance Hammond's novel Shoe Marks, floored me! I highly recommend it. It is absolutely fantastic."

~ Bob Kelly, Paranormal TV Network


"As a radio host of 'Paranormally Speaking' and paranormal writer, Karen Vance Hammond's Shoe Marks is nothing but pure good. Read it, enjoy and pass it on."

~ Neal Parks, CEO of The Parks Paranormal Society


“As an ELA and Reading teacher for secondary education in Florida, I am always looking for new fiction to use in the classroom. Whether a required read, literature circle, or independent reading Shoe Marks by Karen Vance Hammond is my pick for the 2012-2013 school year. … A great read for the accomplished reader as well as the reluctant reader. The text is high level and high interest. The first chapter grabs you and holds you until the very last chapter. Like all great fiction books, Shoe Marks has multiple story lines intertwined: events of the story are unpredictable; characters develop and grow; the topic is fresh and new; [she] uses multiple historical references throughout the story; and it is a delightful example of authors craft and style that students will relate to and enjoy. I know that when I return to school in August and introduce Shoe Marks my students will anticipate coming to my class every day!

Only 3 chapters in and I can see the great potential for this book as a tool for teaching writing. I noticed several key phrases, foreshadowing, historical fictional references, multiple examples of the use of conventions, academic vocabulary terms that are specific to the setting and most of all authors craft and authors purpose. Fabulous! By chapters 4 and 5 of Shoe Marks, so many questions will be generated. The plot is taking turns that that I never expected. You can only predict what happens next but be sure that the author has something else in mind just as good if not better! Two story lines are already developed and you can’t help but feel the tension in the story line growing; what will the climax be? The symbolism is very clever. Very much aligned with expectations of Common Core Standards.

Author Karen Vance Hammond is an expert story teller, and her biography lends itself to the students, making connections to an authors life experiences and how those experiences influences how and what the author writes. Also, author has a very inspirational story to share in her biography that is sure to inspire students and further connect them to the author and the text to foster comprehension.

Consider buying multiple copies for classroom libraries and an e-copy so that you can project the text for whole group instruction in both reading and writing! Don't forget to ask your school and public libraries to purchase copies too!

~ Mary Corso, Reading and Language Arts Teacher, Labelle Middle School, FLA


As a preparatory school teacher, I teach from high school freshmen to seniors and preparatory students. For most Japanese students, the reading of English books is a challenging endeavor because of the frequency of unfamiliar vocabulary and expressions.

In Japan, English language is regarded not as a communication tool, but solely as a subject geared toward passing university entrance examinations. For this reason, they read and solve questions originating from a lot of excerpts of novels. I have always wanted my Japanese students to feel the joy of studying English and reading English books for pleasure.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the book “Shoe Marks.” At first, the cover portrayed a picture of a beautiful young lady with long hair and red shoe marks, which catches your attention. Upon reading the novel, one finds an interesting development of the story lines, which are interlaced with differing eras along with the characters. Our curiosity is triggered and we are inspired to read on unable to put the book down.

The excitement keeps you captivated as you wonder what is coming next. In the book, my students can find an extensive number of rather difficult but useful words and idiomatic expressions which are appropriate for their level of studying.

Understanding the novel “Shoe Marks” gives students a feeling of deep satisfaction and a feeling their hard work finally is paying off.

In addition, the rich description of the past plays a major role in “Shoe Marks”. Students feel as if they are actually in World War II with the character, Major Jeremy Stone, who dealt with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, along with having an entity in his home.

Throughout the book, I’m sure that the students will not only become interested in world history but also think again of what war brings us.

Literature reflects the culture in which it is written. Japanese students need to expose themselves to books written in other languages more often. We, as Japanese teachers, need to introduce both good and interesting books for them to read, so that eventually they can think themselves as a part of the global society.

“Shoe Marks” is perfectly suited to satisfying all the needs mentioned above. My students in Japan will have their own personal paperback as we will read Karen Vance Hammond’s novel “Shoe Marks” together.

I highly recommend this book to both high school and university students studying English in Japan and abroad.

~ Rika Yasui, Reading Teacher, Japan


Karen Vance Hammond’s novel Shoe Marks will bring you to your knees begging for more! Enthralling to the core! Spine tingling suspense will grab you in an instant with each turn of the page. Absolutely fantastic! As a Texas teacher for 28 years, I highly recommend this novel!

~ Denise Buchanan


SHOE MARKS was amazing! Wow! What an incredibly well written book, and a very compelling story. The book was hard to put down to say the least. Having experienced a plethora of supernatural/ paranormal activity in my lifetime. I could relate and sympathize with the family. I must say that this is one of the most well written paranormal novels that I have ever read.

SHOE MARKS is a winner!

This story should be turned into a movie someday!

~ Bill Bean Author/Speaker/Media Personality


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