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D.B. Woodling

5 Stars I didn’t think the author could possibly top Shannon’s Land. Too many times a sequel has failed to justify all the hype, but not this one. I was literally biting my nails through several chapters, so worried about the characters I’ve become attached to. Whether it’s Woodlng’s depiction of George Custer, Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Shannon or Luke, the characters are vivid, memorable, and captivating. And there’s a little something for everyone: romance, suspense, and gut-wrenching action. I can see why it “defies genre constraints.” I would recommend Shannon’s Revenge to all readers and without reservation.

~ Lady Butterfly, Ocala, FL


5 Stars

I honestly opened this book expecting disappointment. Shannon’s Land is probably my favorite novel to date, and I fully anticipated the author would let me down. Wrong. While the first book took me on a fast-paced adventure with a surprise around nearly every corner, the author somehow managed to step it up a couple notches with this sequel. Chock-full of conflict and mayhem, there’s seldom a dull moment. At the risk of giving away spoilers, I’ll just say that I heartily endorse Shannon’s Revenge and leave it at that.

~ James Harold, Dublin, CA


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