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Sierra Roberts

This is an insightful gem of a book. Put it on your iPod, read it and be inspired to commit to a better life. Sierra’s writing is concise and quick to read, creating ease and a light heartedness without diminishing what for many of us are deeply entrenched behaviours that cause us unhappiness. As Sierra points out, facing these behaviours can take considerable discipline and commitment but the result is much greater freedom and happiness in your life.

Roberts creates a fictional character called Mark, who is all too real. I recognised all of him in a previous version of myself – overeating, lack of exercise, annoyance at my bosses' inability to value me, a belief that I wasn’t likeable or attractive enough to others hence my lack of a loving intimate relationship … phew, what a relief that I am no longer that person!

As I read the book, I realised how far I have come in addressing my own sabotage behaviours – and boy does it feel good. I eat a healthy and fun diet, I exercise regularly and even teach a weekly yoga class, I’m now my own boss and have a successful business, I am with the most wonderful man and have two beautiful children. Lorraine's book is the road map for such a change of attitude and life. Read this book and be inspired to do what truly benefits you and everyone you have contact with.

In Sierra’s words: Make a pact with yourself right now. Stake your claim on a future free of the debilitating effects of sabotage behaviour. Be willing to change, enlist skilled help, and go for it!

~ Rochelle, New Zealand


When I started reading this book I didn’t really think I would get much out of it. I consider myself a stable and happy person and I was pretty sure that I don’t have any self-sabotaging behavior, but I was still curious. The more I got into it the more I realized that just about everyone stands in his or her own way from time to time. This is not only a book to read if you think you have a problem but also one that will help recognizing those little things that can be tweaked before they actually develop into one. I had a couple of AHA-moments while reading and I am already adjusting some of my behavior to what I think will make me and the ones around me happier in the future. Thanks, Sierra, for an eye-opening book and for putting so much time and effort into your restless quest to improve people’s lives. I really mean it when I say that you are one of those who make the world a better place every day.

~ Michael, New Zealand


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