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Kathryn Bashaar

It’s not easy being the mistress of a saint. Kathryn Bashaar makes that painfully clear in her meticulously crafted story of Leona, a young plebian, who captivates Aurelius Augustine with her intelligence and charms in THE SAINT’S MISTRESS. They live together in Carthage and have a son named Adeodonatus which binds them together for the rest of their lives even though they never marry. Eventually, Aurelius, responding to the demands of his spiritual instincts, becomes a Christian and, as the story evolves, the Bishop of "starving Hippo," where they are briefly united before Augustine dies. He later becomes known to the world as St. Augustine.

This is a novel that captures the historical conflicts of the early stages of Christianity while mirroring Leona's own conflicts and disappointments as she progresses from a young girl to a mother, desperately trying to shelter her small family, eventually, becoming a leader of her own Christian “sisters.” THE SAINT’S MISTRESS is a unique and compelling story, ambitious in scope and narrative, and a rewarding experience for the reader.

~ J.S. Bradford, Author 


“Great descriptions that give you a real feel for the time. A pace that never flags. And a great story!!”

- Connie Donaldson, author of "Dumping the Magic "


“This novel tells the story of the life of St. Augustine through the eyes of the woman he loves. In his famous Confessions, Augustine states that he had a mistress and together they had a child. From just these few lines of text, Bashaar has woven a tale of love, devotion, and the search for spiritual truth. A must read for all who appreciate good historical fiction.”

-Audrey Iacone 


“…a passionate, intelligent, endlessly resourceful heroine. I was drawn in by her love for and devotion to Augustine and her son, Adeodonatus, by her spiritual journey, and by her energetic efforts to improve the lot of all of the people in her life.”

- Betsy Hughes


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