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Incursion of Shadows

Lee Bumbicka

REVISIONIST FUTURE was exhilarating; it grabs you from start to finish and leaves you wanting more of this author. The creativity and suspense associated with the novel was continuous and constantly changing. It’s hard to believe that a typewriter could determine the world’s future.

~Allen Poole


[REVISIONIST FUTURE is an] explosive story of two men pitted against one another as a Russian author attempts to bring chaos to the world. Their weapons are two typewriters, each with the ability to turn any story into reality. Around every corner there is a new and compelling twist that adds excitement that keeps you glued to the book. Once you think you have figured out what will happen, the unexpected happens and puts you in a new suspense and excitement. 


“REVISIONIST FUTURE has an absolutely fantastic plot with twists and turns that make the book hard to put down. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to the release of his next novel.”

~ Joanna
~ Pat Williams


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