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L. Joseph Nichols

Return to Sirius is by turns inspiring, humorous, and deeply thought-provoking. This work of spiritual science fiction is a magical tale that explores the role of love in the spiritual evolution of not only the human race, but other intelligent species in the universe. An unusual and heartfelt love story, it chronicles the coming of age of an apparently ordinary if precocious human being whose ancient soul originates on a distant planet. Darius must come to terms both with his extraterrestrial origin and the responsibility this entails, and the fragile humanity that leaves him vulnerable to physical hurts and the emotions of romantic love and loss. Ultimately, his courage shows us all how to love in a way that transcends time and light years.

~ Debra Denker, Author, Healer, Filmmaker


“Normally, a Science Fiction novel is not my first choice in reads—However, I consider this an abstract – Sci-Fi. It opens one’s mind to the mysteries of the supernatural and the reality of other dimensions. The story challenges our mind -fed teachings of this Universe and feeds other possibilities. This is truly a beautiful story that continues to linger in my mind. Treat yourself with the time to read this magical story.”

~ Melinda Swan Allen
District Sales Mgr, Luxury Cruises


“Being a resident of Indiana, I enjoyed the precise detail associated with the story. As an avid reader, I always look for a reason to keep reading, and this particular story keep me coming back for more. The characters were easy to associate with, and the scientific detail was amazing. It was a great read with a unique story line that leaves me with the question: When's the sequel coming out? “

~ Greg Farren, Payroll Supervisor


“A great story line to remind each of us just how multi-dimensional we truly are. I trust that this approach, by this author, can stimulate and awaken a new awareness as to our true nature. . . .coupled with the remembrance that it's our choice!”

~ Wooddora-Rose, Realtor


"A book I could not put down and finished it in two sittings, only interrupted by needed sleep. I truly did not know where the beginning of this story was leading.

Loved the semi-rural Indiana small town setting and the easy-flowing storyline, repleat with the music and song of the 1970s. A bit of nostalgia for anyone who grew up during the 1950s-1960s. As far as I know, all the author's references to planets and math and the nuclear industry are true and interesting. This story would make a good sci-fi flick and the only thing wrong with it is that it ended too soon, making me think that sometime we will see Darius and his love again, using their other-worldly powers to deal with Earth's many problems. I see a trilogy!"

~ Nita Hiltner


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