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Patrick P. Stafford

“The Most Positive, Most Inspirational and Most Far-Reaching Poetry Ever Written!”

I got to read Patrick's book before it went into publication. And an honor it was! The very first poem – the title poem – has got to be the most positive, most inspirational and most far-reaching poem ever written.  If a single poem can change the world and inspire and motivate people everywhere on the planet to positive change and life enrichment, RESOLUTIONS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS is that poem. Not only this, the rest of the poems in this nonpareil book are supremely great too! All five-star poetry. Were it if everyone would read this work. Amazing, astonishing, phenomenal are just words. There is no ultimate superlative to describe this book of verse. You just have to get the book and experience it. Oh, the wonderful things that will happen to every person who does!

~ Ofir Engel


“Truly amazing” 

As I began to read RESOLUTIONS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS, it is with tear-filled eyes and awe-inspiring spirit that I plunge forward, unable to stop reading these life-changing words that have been so eloquently written and shared with us… I urge everyone to read this and be inspired as I have been...

~ Florence Gaddy


"Heartfelt and Inspirational Work!”

RESOLUTIONS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS is a return to inspirational poetry, a form that has unfortunately been lost over the years. Poet Patrick Stafford's exuberant voice rings out loud and clear with a lyrical clarion call for us to be better people: To dream bigger, to try harder, to push back against our own worse impulses, and to marvel at the greatness of our humanity. His poems are uplifting, energizing, and beautifully rendered. They have a clear message and a courageous point of view. They sing out with love, urging us not to accept mediocrity but to strive for the betterment of ourselves and the world. RESOLUTIONS is a refreshing blast of white-hot poetry; a force of nature, a triumph over despair, and a call to arms against oppression and tyranny, both internal and external. These poems do not whisper or prevaricate – they stand up and roar with passion. These poems will shake you up, lift you up, and inspire you to pump your fist and yell "Yeah, baby! I can do it!" So if you've been sitting on a dream, procrastinating on taking action, or have simply lost your drive, buy this book! I guarantee it will get you in gear."

~ Kristen McHenry


RESOLUTIONS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS is not your school poetry. This is heartfelt blank verse that sweeps you along like a gorgeous melody that you can't stop reading until you've finished the last word. This is the renderings of a skilled and sensitive poet who takes you into the heart of darkness in the second part of the book, into, at times, heart-wrenching loss and grief. But in his epic poem in the beginning, it felt to me as if the light within his spirit shone so brightly, pouring out Truths to us, that this work was a true triumph of the spirit, filling us up with hope that our own spirits can be healed too. Here is a man, who although submerged multiple times in his life by battering waves, restored his inner belief to courageously battle his fears, self-doubts and negative emotions that brought him back to the surface again, to breathe life in deeply once more, infused with a wisdom and positive vision that he's inspired to now share with us, his readers. We can do it too! Do not miss Patrick Stafford's intimate, emotional and inspirational journey of the spirit.

~ Racine Hiet


A Masterpiece!

While I was reading the first poem in this book, RESOLUTIONS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS, I felt like the author was writing directly from the center of my heart. This book is a brilliant return to pure inspiration, which all of us perhaps sorely need. It is a filled with truth, motivation and pure emotions. These poems will reach eternity and share the most wonderful positive energy with humanity.

~ Catherine B. Roy, Author


Beautiful, Cosmic Poetry!

I don't generally read poetry. But this anthology of verse is one of the nicest and most enjoyable I have read in years. The first poem, which bears the name of the whole book, is very inspiring and uplifting, although it is in blank verse (which is not my favorite kind of poetry). But it's actually the other poems in Patrick's book I liked the best. One is called Destiny, which is a spiritual love poem that has cosmic significance. Another, called The Stranger, is very emotional and spiritual at the same time, in a way I found very moving. Then there is Glorious Longing, definitely an epic poem that may be as impassioned and beautifully esoteric as anything I've ever read. The last poem, Determinism, is filled with such conviction and powerful belief! And Ship of Life offers a code of living and convictions I found equally inspiring and compelling me to change. This whole book is so original and cosmic. Everyone should read RESOLUTIONS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS AND OTHER EPICS. Especially before New Year's Day or Eve when it becomes time to make a New Year's resolution and make a cosmic change to your life. That's what this book is most of all: cosmic. And beautiful, unforgettable poetry.

~ Juliette Troncone


As always, do not let my star count override your judgement of content. More on the stars, counting, and my rating challenges later. This is a most unusual work, and my star count should be taken as being only one person’s opinion. Let me describe what Stafford has put together for us.

The opening, thirty-four stanza, blank-verse title piece is a mixture of personal challenge and self-help. Change is possible, desirable, and necessary. Procrastination is a waste of time. Thus the promise in the book’s title is fulfilled. If this is what you’re looking for, your star count should be higher than mine.

The remaining 24 poems are an interesting mixture. There is philosophy in First Things First, and several other poems. Again in Surrender we find this: “For rays of rage and wrath keep glistening /Over the graveyards of the slain and the dead; /But mankind does not seem to be listening /To anything that history has said.”

If you’re scrolling for the tiny carps, you can stop here. There might be a typo. In short, nothing. Back to the good stuff.

I found myself wondering what Stafford would sound like if he wrote like these lines in his dedication: “she who I will forever miss… /like the sand the sea /on a cold and lonely ebb tide morning.” I found out farther on in the work, in the poems On Cold, Dark Nights and Young Hearts and Dear Dreamers. Turn to these longer poems when you get this book. Stafford writes of love and loss, as well as philosophy.

For a fabulous longer love poem, turn to Destiny, which begins thus: “You finish my sentences, I complete your smile. /You bring forth a candle, and I furnish the flame. /We watch the world together, and for a short while, /Our lives are joined forever and share the same name.”

Now for my boilerplate on star counts. My personal guidelines, when doing an ‘official’ KBR review, are as follows: five stars means, roughly equal to best in genre. Rarely given. Four stars means, extremely good. Three stars means, definitely recommendable. I am a tough reviewer. I try hard to be consistent. This is a fine collection of poems, and clearly recommended. Three stars it is, and your personal rating may be higher.

~ Jim Bennett


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