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J Michael Donovan

“(The book,) . . . it was worth all the sleepless nights! (It is) Great . . . can’t put it down.”

~ Libby Love, Author


“Very good. . .Remarkable background knowledge of theology and Catholic liturgy. . Also a keen sense of psychology.

~ Claude Chauvigne, Author


“(I) fell in love with the characters and had to keep reading! Synergy is an interesting fun read.”

~ K. Rebuck, Accountant


“Synergy is one of the most original love stories I have read in ages. It was filled with humor and spiced with riveting emotions of forbidden love.”

~ Joan D. Demarest, Teacher


“I want you to know that you have a literary talent. Your breezy style and pithy dialogue compel attention.”

~ Fr. John Catoir, Emeritus, past president of the Catholic Press
and former director of The Christophers


“As a book reader, I am usually very critical, but I found nothing to criticize in this wonderful story.”

~ Rev. Paul Hirschauer


“Find a comfortable spot, uninterrupted, to settle down and read this great novel. It is a page-turner, full of surprises. I couldn’t stop reading until the end and then it was mine to treasure and read again.

~ Mrs. Paul Hirschauer (Elizabeth)


"...I finished PRIEST - very reluctantly, because I felt like I was saying goodbye to old friends. What a completely perfect ending it had! ... It could not have had any other ending! ... Clever! ... I loved the surprise aboard the plane. I truly wanted it to end like that, but I was afraid to get my hopes up! (Many books don't end the way I'd like.) What amazingly-developed characters and spot-on conversations and descriptions.

~ Jean Carter


"... I was intrigued by the characters of Salvador and Grace, and their charming imperfections..."

~ Matt Bialer, William Morris Agency, Inc.


"... Donovan's breezy style and pithy dialogue compel attention."

~ Father John Catoir, Director Emeritus, the Christophers, NYC


"The writing [for PRIEST] is strong and the story charming... regional details and knowledge of (ecclesiastic) procedures riing true."

~ Stephanie Lane, TOR Publishers, NYC


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