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E. Ervin Tibbs

In this outstanding book by author, E. Ervin Tibbs, we meet our main character, Kyle Brinhaven. When Aztec gold artifacts are found at a dig and than stolen and hidden somewhere in the area, the university that sponsored the dig comes seeking help from the best tracker they know – Kyle’s father, Joe. But Joe passes the job to his son, who after much convincing, agrees to try and find where the thieves have hidden the artifacts. Not an easy job and one that takes the reader on an adventure of a life-time.
   I truly cannot begin to tell you how much I loved this book. It is a story that will grab you from the beginning and not let you go to the last page; even then you are wanting more. The characters are very well defined and you truly become part of their lives and all that is happening around them. I loved the dad, Joe; he was unique and full of ginger, yet had a heart of gold. The relationship between father and son was heartwarming and truly added so much to the story. There were so many interesting characters in this read, each one bringing a new level of either friendship, danger, suspense, mystery or romance on the scene. I loved the total surprise ending that the author throws at you, right when you least expect it: I did not see that coming. Truly, Kyle is one smart cookie. I don't think Sherlock Homes could have done a better job than our Kyle did at solving the complex mystery of the missing artifacts. Everything about this read was top-notch, from the local to the characters, to the mystery and suspense that the author so cleverly weaved into the storyline. Truly if this were a movie I was watching, I would stand up and applaud. It has been a while since I have enjoyed a book as much as I have this one. Outstanding!
    I give this book my highest recommendation. I truly hope that our author will not stop here but will take Kyle and Joe on many more adventures. In my opinion, this is one of those books that you will be glad you read and one that you will never forget. Exceptional!

~ Shirley Johnson/Senior Reviewer
MidWest Book Review


Philosopher’s Stone  is an interesting, complicated murder mystery set in the San Carlos Indian Reservation in southeastern Arizona.

Kyle Brinhaven, a DSM recipient for heroic wartime activity behind enemy lines and now teaching Archeology in Phoenix visits his foster father, Joe Tin Cup, on the Apache Reservation. Here he encounters Nathan Hersholt, his old and famous Professor who has flown in to attempt to hire his father to find some stolen artifacts in the region. Joe suggests Kyle who knows the territory equally well and a story gradually begins to gather characters and engage them in a plot that becomes increasingly devious.

Because this is an interestingly told story, divulging further information would be a disservice to the prospective reader. The author is knowledgeable of the region, its history and that of the Salado and Aztec cultures and their artifacts and although some of his characters admittedly would benefit from a little ‘fleshing out’, generally speaking all factors have been combined into an intriguing story that becomes increasingly complicated as it progresses but nicely ties all loose ends together in the climax.

4* overall (5* for authenticity and plot; 3* for character development)

 ~ John Manhold, Author


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