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I.M. Tillerman

I love the Andy Griffith Show and so when I saw this book I just had to have it! I really enjoyed the story, although some of the way it’s written was confusing to me. It took me to the end of the book to really know the names of the man's daughters, as he seemed to call them everything but their real names.

Anyway, you get to go to Mayberry, which is awesome and there’s a sometimes things aren't always what they seem... 

~ Christina K.


Murder in Mayberry, A Pleasing Shape, is a charming, evocative ‘time-travel’ story set in Mayberry, NC the home of the immensely popular ‘60’s Andy Griffith Show.

Facing an unwanted ‘trial separation’ of his second marriage, seventy-year-old retired English Professor Jason, in consultation with his mutually loving adult daughters, Joyce and Judy, decides to spend it in Mayberry, NC. He gathers clothing/money of the period and employing a family heirloom that provides transition to a ‘lateral world with space-time warp capability’ makes the journey. Here he meets and lives in the laid-back atmosphere among the characters of the TV series (with some minor exceptions) but also discovers that not all is serene.

The author has provided a nostalgic ramble through thoughts of regrets and remorse buttressed by a wealth of quotes and references to literary works and to pertinent songs of the time. The story and dialogue range from poignant to amusing and terminate with a fitting climax. It is a tale that every one of the Baby Boomer Generation and before should appreciate. Regrettably, a caveat must be added for some remaining members of these generations who may not enjoy the indelicate (?) language NOT associated with the Mayberry Series.

3* 5* Captivating time warp story set in ‘60’s Mayberry; 3* regrettably for Caveat.

~ John H. Manhold, Author


Not being a fan of murder mysteries, after reading the first page of Murder in Mayberry: A Pleasing Shape, my curiosity took me through the first chapter. I quickly found myself hooked in a good story, well written and paced. If you are the reader that enjoys a well written murder mystery, you will enjoy this fine read.

~ Joe Freitus, Author


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