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Meet...THE OddsMaker


Ted Hasson

“I thought it was fascinating. Couldn’t put it aside. SERIOUSLY, I thought Meet… THE OddsMaker was great. As they say, truth is stranger than fiction. It is really an unbelievable story; not believable at all had it come from someone else. But Mr. Hasson stands for truth, and I say good for him. Few will do that, for he’s like a modern-day Joseph. (Would love to have been there when he fired the big shot attorney!).”

~ Virginia Deeken, Ahwahnee, CA


“An amazing story, a great read, especially for those who may have followed the Enron debacle. Once I started it, it was hard to put down. I highly recommend this to anyone.”

~ Armando A. Aguirre


“Ted Hasson’s journey in Meet...THE Oddsmaker is nothing short of incredible! This story of friendship, trust, betrayal, greed and enduring love gives us a rarely seen look into the hollow walls of the “injustice” system. By sharing his story, Ted Hasson shoulders his pain so that maybe someday...we won’t have to.”

~ Chris Bruce


“As an insurance sales director, I have access to the inner workings of insurance carriers. However, after reading the TRUE TO LIFE story of Ted Hasson, it has opened my eyes to a scary reality about my biz. Anyone in the insurance industry must read this book. It will literally blow your mind and make you question a lot of things. Meet...THE OddsMaker will actually help everyone avoid the traps set by Bullies of the insurance and legal world. Great book!”

~ Johnathon Bunch, Houston, TX


“I just finished reading Meet...THE Oddsmaker, and must say it was a compelling book that was difficult to put down. It was very well written and just plain inspiring. I also found it to be entertaining, intense, disconcerting at times but uplifting and spiritual. It’s amazing how life could change in an instant for Ted Hasson, but he never gave up. Ted is an honorable man caught up in a situation that was just out of control. But his faith, his passion for exposing the truth and his compassion for others is something to be admired. Well done!”

~ Jeff Huss, West Chester, PA


“I placed two other books I was in the middle of on hold because Meet… the Odds Maker turned out to be one of those books that I could not put down until I reached the end. It’s that good.”

~ Allen Saum, Waynesborro, VA


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