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Nancy Mure

What a beautiful children’s book! Beautifully written from a child’s viewpoint with his recipe included and beautiful illustrations. Her writing adds much to children’s literature.

~ Carol Hegberg, Freelance Editor & Author


Massimo’s Meatballs is a fun story about a young boy and his Sunday ritual of eating meatballs. The light-hearted events unfold as Massimo realizes that his father is not there to make the Sunday treat of traditional Italian meatballs. Massimo takes the task on himself! He recalls the recipe from memory- improvises when necessary and uses the help of his beloved dog and next-door neighbor Carmine. The story is a great metaphor for young people to learn about the comfort of traditional home cooked meals, how important it is to have friends and neighbors to rely on and that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Just like any home or professional chef - Massimo made due when he didn’t have some of the ingredients or tools to create his masterpiece. His innovation and improvisation was exceptional. The story ends the way any Italian/American meal does- with too much food for one person to eat and the chance to share with your friends. This book is a great way to bring cooking, sharing, and tradition into your child’s life. I am sure that after one reads this book, there will be many “chef’s” waiting for their chance to make Massimo’s meatballs!

~ Shani Castri, Restaurateur & International Food Connoisseur


As with The Caterpillar that Wouldn’t Change, Ms. Mure is consistent in her theme of never giving up. Massimo Meatballs teaches us that a recipe is a plan and its outcome, a goal. Like any good project leader, Massimo takes on the task, exercises good judgment, ingenuity and humor and fashions a support system to help him get the job done. By providing a recipe for Meatballs, Mure’s book invites children to exercise their own problem solving skills. It would serve parents well to have their children experience Massimo’s Meatballs!

~ Patrick Wanis, Author & Life Coach


It was a sentimental journey reading Massimo's Meatballs. Nancy Mure’s light-hearted story brought back the nostalgia of my Sicilian Mother's kitchen in Brooklyn. She was famous for her Sunday dinners, and I especially miss her delicious meatballs. I have tried to continue this tradition with my family and Mure’s clever book will help to do the same for many others.

~ Carol Franzetta, Executive Chef/Owner of Carol’s Café, Staten Island, NY


You needn't be Italian or come from Brooklyn to enjoy a meatball but I’m sure it enhances the experience! I enjoyed this universally themed, task oriented picture book story about making meatballs and having good friends and neighbors to help out when needed.

~ John McCarthy, Director/Project Manager, Standard & Poor's Structured Finance


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