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Christie Shary

Have you ever known a dog—a mutt really—who had more stamps in his passport than most Americans? Well, that’s Lucky and this is his story.

Born on the streets of Mexico City, he won the ‘Doggie Lottery’ when an American couple picked him up and adopted him. From then on, Lucky has lived the life of a pampered American pooch—a very spoiled and much-loved member of his family.

Told in his own words, the account of his adventures is charming, funny, sometimes bittersweet, and engaging. He travels all around Mexico with his ‘parents’ and observes many interesting aspects of the Mexican culture from his unique ‘doggie’ point of view. Then he moves to Southern California where he is firmly ensconced in the beach life.

It’s time to move again, so the family packs up and relocates to the Netherlands, where the people love dogs - all dogs. He appreciates a great deal of the Dutch culture, and the people appreciate his charming personality as well.

Then he’s off to London where he lives for several years, taking in all the sights and experiences in his special ‘doggie’ way.

Author Christie Shary has created the persona of Lucky in such a way that the reader truly feels they’ve met and come to know him as himself. Readers of Christie’s other works expect expert storytelling, and this book delivers.

A treat for dog lovers, whether kids or adults, and even for those who just enjoy a well-told and well-written book.

Once you meet Lucky, you’ll never forget him.

~ Lorna Collins -

I was immediately immersed in the life of Lucky and finished reading the book in less than a week. Told by Lucky himself, it is the perfect story for any dog lover. Five paws for Ms. Shary! Lucky could do a doggie sleep over at my house anytime!

My mom and I always share our "good reads" with each other. Lucky’s story is on the way to her as we speak.

~ Beth Szillagyi, Author


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