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Thomas Cleveland Lane

Within these six chapters or folios, through Mr. Lane's archiving we discover the artistry, lyricism and poems of a poet called Glub DZMC. The journey begins in the “not so great depression” when Glub arrives off the boat from Czechoslovakia. His musings, a sort working man’s Homer, (Greek Epicist) reflect a man very much of his era.

In following the chapters hence, we see the emergence of a budding lyricist whose songs made it into the top 4,000,000 lead to a slight degree of celebrity. In a dead-pan kind of way, Mr. Lane ask us to follow along as we sing along with Glub’s musical twinings.

In a degree, going all the back to Tom Brown’s School Days, to the present, the spirit within these pages are lively and readable.

In the coming years, perhaps, Mr. Lane can discover more hidden talents within the archives of history, fictional or otherwise. This reader will be looking forward to them and perhaps find his own MC in return.

~ Joel L. Young, Author


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