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Tony Arnold

God is always talking to us, and no matter who we are, where we are, what we’ve done or not done, we cannot be separated from Him. These are only two of the meaningful revelations Tony Arnold shares with us in this remarkable book.

In the depths of despair, Tony called out to God and said, “Either take me or use me now.” His marriage was over, he had no job, and no way to provide for his adored daughter. God answered his prayer, but not in a way that Tony expected. That night he awoke near midnight with the unexplainable urge to write. “What am I supposed to write?” he asked. “Write down what I tell you,” came the answer.

What follows is a remarkable dialogue between Tony and God: a dialogue about the creative powers of humans, our oneness with God, Heaven on earth, and love. As God leads Tony to new knowings and better ways of living, the reader is drawn along on a meaningful journey of discovery and letting go – letting go of fear and judgment in favor of peace and wisdom.

“There is wisdom here for every reader – for those who are lost and scared, for those searching for the meaning of life, and for those who simply want to be closer to God.”

Tony Arnold is an ordinary person who has had an extraordinary experience. In this book he shares that experience with the world.

“A book the world has been waiting for for a very long time.”

~ Austin Vickers, author, “Soul Matters,” Movie Producer, “People vs the State of Illusion.”


“The Light Upon My Path” is completely in sync with my life. Through his fascinating experience with God, Tony Arnold reminds us that the ordinary is always extraordinary, and that there are healing blessings to be found in any situation. With its Divinely in spired messages, Light upon my Path is for everyone every day. Since being introduced to this exceptional dialog with God, there have been numerable instances where what I happened to read illuminated precisely the situation I was in. As an Angel Therapy Practitioner, this book has become part of my daily practice. Whether seeking answers to a specific question or looking for a Divinely inspired message for that day, randomly opening the book provides a message that is always perfectly aligned with my issue or question. I am now incorporating reading selections into my meditation practice.”

~ Jeryl Larson, ATP and host of Mystical Moments With Jeryl on


“A book destined to become an international best seller.”

~ Spiritual Master Panache Desai


“I have been with Panache almost four years. His message is a direct mirror of what you have shared in your book. I am simply blown away. I love your book – thank you for being the vehicle through which it came to all of us.”

~ Jan Desai, wife of Spiritual Master Panache Desai


‎”The Light Upon My Path” has a message that matters tremendously to every single person on this Earth. It is about nothing less than achieving relationship with a brilliant and spiritually potent presence that has been offering itself to u...s for many years, and which has the capacity to transform us, starting with each one of us who is willing to open ourselves to it. This exquisite and powerful book makes that process understandable, joyous and – above all – possible.

~ Bethany Campbell, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor,
Co-creator and Founder of Child Satori Healing Arts


“After reading this extraordinary book I bought FIFTY more and gave them to family and friends.”

~ David Delosier, Attorney, Phoenix Arizona


“The Light of God's Love shines brightly from this book.”

~ Nahuko, King of the Hawaiian Kahunas


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