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William Wilde

During my time as an e-book reviewer, I’ve come across some great authors, whose work I want to read again and again. William Wilde is one of those authors. In JULIA’S ROOM he masterfully takes readers into the mind of an introvert who was created by her circumstances.

JULIA’S ROOM is a suspenseful mystery that’s centered on one woman’s psychological makeup. Julia is fragile, mysterious, and somewhat creepy. Something’s a little off about her, but you’ll never be entirely sure what that might be.

William Wilde is a gifted storyteller with an eye for the uncanny and unique, along with a talent for characterization. As you read, you’ll be able to feel Julia’s fragility and Graham’s frustration and desperation. And although I was able to figure out what was coming near the story’s end, it was still fun and enjoyably nerve-wracking to continue reading as the action approached its climax.

The next time you’re looking for a different kind of psychological suspense, Julia’s Room should scratch that itch.

~ Margaret Marr, Reviewer for


“I found the events circling Julia too intriguing to resist. I simply had to know what was going on and what would happen next. This disturbing psychological tale left me with a few chills and made my rainy afternoon fly by!”

,br> ~ Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews


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