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Philip D Groom

“Phil Groom’s approach is straightforward and honest.  Read this book and reward yourself.” 

~ Rich Hall (Comedian & Author)


“This book is inspiring and will help people understand how they can overcome their fears and enjoy a happy and more fulfilling life.”

~ Sir Ranulph Fiennes (KBE)


“If you can’t find the key to your true happiness in Phil’s book, then you truly are a miserable b*st*rd!”

~ Professor Sir Christopher Evans (OBE)


This is a very engaging book which describes the author's journey on the search for happiness. He brings together thinking from a wide range of philosophy, psychology and personal development, and puts it in to a very enjoyable and readable book. You really get the feeling that he lives what he writes.

~ Owen Hughes, Clinical Psychologist


As it says, a 'simple guide' that really gets you thinking about you and what makes you happy.  There are so many books in this space but the author really has 'cut to the quick' and honed in on some undeniable truth.  A great read that is well worth the time investment.  After all, what can be more important than happiness itself?

~ Lucy O’Neill


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