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Donald C. Lee

A Fool's Disciple is an absorbing novel of history, mystery and adventure with philosophical overtones. This book will appeal to lovers of historical fiction as well as to students of philosophy. On another level, it will resonate with many contemporary readers as a coming of age novel. The story traces the physiological and physical maturing of a naive, idealistic youth and celebrates the virtues of honesty, courage and loyalty. Elements of mystery surround the identity of the protagonist and the reader is treated to a surprise ending. The author also provides us with a convincing depiction of the cadence of thirteenth-century life.

An underlying theme of this romantic and entertaining novel is the need to be true to yourself. When Alexander the Great cut the Gordion Knot, he became ruler of world. Young Anthony learns that he must cut his own knot in order to conquer himself.

~ Fran Zimmerman, English teacher and writer.


In A Fool's Disciple, the main character, Anthony, has survived virtually every trial of life imaginable. There remains only one unanswered question: will Anthony survive true love? This delightful novel set in medieval times has all the ingredients: romance, adventure, conflict, failure, triumph -- a true hero's journey. Don Lee has provided an example of excellent research as well as a most accurate presentation of philosophy and religion and the symbolism associated with each of these ideas play out in the historic era of the Middle Ages of Europe.

This adventure is stimulating both intellectually and sensually. An engaging read.

~ William Kimbrough


THE FOOL'S DISCIPLE is a richly detailed and engaging tale for readers tired of predictable fiction. Combining myth, romance, adventure and philosophy, it tells the story of Anthony, the young English monk in search of his identity, pursued by a diabolical enemy across medieval England and France.

Donald C. Lee has scrupulously researched the life of 13th Century Europe so that his characters and scenes burst with realistic vitality. From Anthony, the frightened boy monk dressed in vines and branches to Anthony the reluctant young knight fighting for the Cathari to Anthony facing down the powers of Hell, this is one of the most engaging heroes a reader is likely to encounter in historical fiction.

Anthony's world is barbed with danger. Whom can he trust? Bernard, the minstrel who perhaps too fortuitously appears just in time to save him from his pursuers? Or the half-heathen Gwendolyn who consorts with an ancient god while claiming to love only Anthony. Or Sir Guy who defies the Roman church and claims to know the truth of Anthony's identity. And then there is Lord Natasa. Should he be trusted? Should Anthony accept his black bargain?

Woven into this intriguing story are the myths and philosophical debates of the time. Poor Anthony must sort his way through it all with only his good sense and pure heart to guide him. How he does it and how it all ends makes for wonderful reading.

~D. Campbell


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