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Willilam Mays

When I started this fun story of manslaughter & the mob, I expected plot twists and colorful villains. I found them. What I didn't expect was to like the protagonist, George, so much. I rooted for him as his trials, tribulations, and search for love took him through vivid settings.

~ Pat Pagon


If you like your Godfather a la My Big Fat Greek Wedding with a southern twist, Family Obligations is the book for you. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more from this author.

~ Pamela Fagan Hutchins


This is the story of a man caught up in the criminal enterprise of his extended Greek family. George, the protagonist, is still a child when the story begins, but by the end of the first chapter we have seen enough to suspect he might end up ruling the whole family. The author manages to portray George as a somewhat sympathetic figure in spite of his participation in the murder and mayhem of his mob family. One way he does this is in the tender portrayal of George’s falling in love for the first time.

George continues on the road of crime, but always with enough insight to recognize opportunities to exit that road as they come along. Which exit, if any, will he take? Will he eventually settle into a loving relationship? Will he ever begin to extricate himself from a life of crime?

The author's deft use of ambiguity throughout the story, especially in resolving the tensions contained in those two questions, are what will keep you turning the pages despite the lateness of the hour. <

The author’s style is simple and straightforward, always in service to carrying the story forward. It’s refreshingly clear, and gets the story told without unnecessary frills and flourishes.

~ Gerald Beckmanon


Absorbing, thoughtful, entertaining

I loved this book. I enjoyed the thoughts that swirled inside George’s head and I felt his emotions as his Greek tragedy of a life became more and more complicated. Mays excels in all phases of novel writing – plot, character development, description of people and setting...everything. After feeling the heartbreak surrounding George's breakup with his young lover, Kelly, I was hooked. The story becomes thoroughly absorbing when George visits his Greek mob boss in Chicago and Kelly gets back into his life – i.e., when things became unresolvably complicated.

~ David Arethaon


Awesome novel. It's a wonderful read and keeps you guessing.

~ Erica Schiltzon


Fantastic novel, it's very exciting. Highly recommended.

~ A.M. M.


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