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Neal McKenna

   This collection of eight gems from author Neal McKenna really does hit the spot for connoisseurs of the frightening, the surreal, and the strange.
   Encounters with vampires, deals with demons, flirtations with the parallel universe, murder, mystery, eroticism, life, death, voodoo, and the hereafter - the gang's all here! Catch your breath and turn the page!
   Sweetly crafted little masterpieces, all very different, but each comes with the same sobering reminder - nothing is as it seems.
   Rod Serling would have been proud to put his name to these tales; they're more twisted than a pretzel, and just as tasty.
   One tip though - read it in daylight if your nerves are weak, but read it at night - only if you've got the guts.
   A winning release from Neal McKenna and SynergEbooks, but trust me, you'll need therapy after this one...

~ Bradley Brian Drain, Author


This collection of spine-tingling stories should be titled: “Utterly Delightful Evil Little Stories,” as it runs the gamut of genres related to the dark side of fiction writing. From the first page to the last, the reader’s imagination is run through an endless series of visualizations that chill and thrill. The reader is going to think about what's been written long after the collection has been finished.

~ Barbara Valletto, Author


I don’t read horror, but decided to try something different, so I bought EVIL LITTLE STORIES, a collection written by Neal McKenna. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has familiar themes, like vampires and zombies, but the author weaves them together with a poetic feel to the language, and a bit of dark humor. The result is unique. The stories didn’t really scare me, at least not too much, although they did creep me out. You kind of expect the characters to come to a bad end, and there are times when you want to yell at them to not do what they’re about to do, but you know they will do it.

~ William Mayes, Author


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