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After his wife Ellen dies, a man discovers her trove of short stories, which had never been accepted for publication, and of which he had never been aware. The writings open new aspects of their relationship as he reconstructs their probable sources and is reminded of people and events in their lives that must have inspired them. This is the theme that ties together a large number of tales about selfishness and generosity, love and loss, deception and truth, fear and courage, and anger and forgiveness. Several stories deal with overcoming the wounds or guilt of one's youth; others involve self-discovery with psychological dimensions. It may bother some readers to be left hanging in ambiguity on several occasions, but this reader enjoyed considering a variety of possible endings (making the book an interactive experience) and being able to chose his own ending. I recommend a slow read: this reader put the book down to digest each story awhile before going on to the next.

~ Donald C. Lee, Author


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