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Irene Woodbury

Recently I found something I thought I would never read: a romance novel that could actually hold my interest…and my breakfast. In A DEAD END IN VEGAS, Irene Woodbury has written a romance that is anything but goopy. In fact, it is quite edgy, with a number of surprises that would catch even an avid mystery buff off guard. It is for that reason that I am going to be very stingy with the spoilers.

The main character is Sally Dawson, who also serves as the narrator. This allows the story to go on smoothly despite a few glitches that we all make in our conversation from time to time. She turns out to be a complicated person, living a complicated life, and that is what makes the story interesting.

I get the impression – and please correct me if I am wrong – that in your typical goopy romance, all the characters get what they deserve in the end, which must be very comforting to the fans of that type of tale. In Ms. Woodbury’s novel, there are just desserts a-plenty, but not everything gets tied up in a neat little package. If you have plans to not only read, but enjoy this book, then you must be prepared to deal with that eventuality. If you are someone who can handle that sort of thing, though, this may be a book you will enjoy.

Extra bonus: the chapters are short, so it would make a good bedside or commuting read.

~ T.C. Lane, Author


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