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Margaret Marr

Margaret Marr deftly reels in the reader to share the suspense of CREATURE, Book 1 of her new Hayton County Supernatural Series. Full disclosure? If you’re afraid of ghosts and poltergeists, do yourself a favor and stay away from Hayton County. Because River Ridge Mountain is loaded to the gills with unfriendly creatures who definitely mean you harm. The good news? The local high school Science Club has some students who qualify as intern ghostbusters. None more so than Mandy Jensen, the girl all the boys are fighting over. Turns out Mandy and a couple of her more ardent boyfriends share a backstory that gives them inside information about what's really happening up on River Ridge Mountain. The author has a lot of weapons at her disposal to spin this story: the dialogue is spot-on, the characters fit the story perfectly, and the pacing is a race to the finish line. It’s a good start to a promising series.

~ J.S. Bradford, Author 


Margaret Marr has begun an exciting adventure for teens with CREATURE, the first book in her new Hayton County series. Whether she’s dealing with a ghost or some other mysterious being, sixteen-year-old Mandy pushes through her fears to deal with the problem. A southern supernatural Veronica Mars that will keep readers on edge and turning the pages.

- Dana Davis, award-winning and bestselling author


The first in the Hayton County supernatural Series, CREATURE by Margaret Marr is the story of a group of friends living in the small town of Hayton County in the mountains in western North Carolina who are brought together by a series of eerie and inexplicable events. Mandy Jenson, a sixteen year old high school student is the daughter of the local sheriff, Grady Jensen, an officer who, mourning the loss of his wife who mysteriously disappeared several years before, has trouble staying sober. At school she meets Abraham Lincoln Abernathy – or Abe, for short – an African American student who saves her from being punched in the nose by another student, Bradford Philips. Although Brad, a high school jock, may seem to have it out for her, Brad and she actually have a common bond. His father is a meth addict who cooks and sells the drug and her father is a perpetual drunk.

Mandy becomes fascinated by a photo of a “creepy looking creature” that has gone viral on the internet. A friendship builds between her and Abe and chemical sparks fly while they pursue the creature through the surrounding mountain together. As they become more and more embroiled in their adventure, they get help from the Hayton High School science geeks, Simon, Fred, Arnold, and Gary. The situation grows dangerous as the mystery reveals itself and the powers that be make it obvious that they do not want their secrets to be discovered. Several times the young people are shot at and pursued by wild and strange creatures, barely escaping with their lives and bodies intact. Meanwhile, as they are being stalked by what appears to be ghosts, unexpected information is revealed about why Abe and his mother, Rosa, have come to town, the strange creatures that stalk the mountainside, the disappearance of Mandy’s mother, and the mysterious enigma of Bradford Philips.

Margaret Marr’s writing is fast-paced and fun to read. The story never lags, as each chapter adds another layer of mystery and suspense to the adventure. Her writing style is crisp, clean, and full of details, so one feels as if they are actually on that mountain, slipping and falling in the pouring rain while racing down away from some unseen horror.

CREATURE is the type of story that has become quite popular in Cable TV and reminds me a bit of “Stranger Things,” a trending Netflix series. As this first installment winds up, she leaves enough questions unanswered to entice one to read the next book in the series. If you like a fast, fun, and a bit horrific of a ride, Margaret Marr’s Creature is the first book in a series of paranormal adventures that you’ll enjoy reading!

~ Paula Bates, Author


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