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Brenda Roberts

A good, lively, interesting, captivating read. It will keep you interested. I tried to stretch this book for days by only reading a little at a time. It receives 4 wands because of the cliff hanger ending. I would like to see more to this story. A very good read for any cozy day.

~ Raven Firedancer


Being of Indian heritage, I was intrigued by the shaman's quandary and powerful mindset in The Cold North Wind. The dialogue consistently pulled me into the story line. There were many turns and surprises to keep the reader wanting.

~ Jeannette L. Strother, VP Poets of Tarrant County


Brenda Roberts, one of today's most versatile new writers, has penned a most unusual piece of fantasy fiction with her release of A Cold North Wind. In this well wrought tale, Ms. Roberts skillfully establishes a believable world where the norm of human intimacy is uniquely retailored. Using this device, she weaves a gripping tale of adventure and suspense set in an imaginary, prehistoric setting. Amidst the warp and weave of the rich fabric of adventure one finds a breathtaking thread of unwavering, committed love. I highly recommend this remarkable read to any and all adult readers.

~Dennis J. Smith, Author


In reviewing A Cold North Wind, I found myself transformed to another harsher but yet epic lifestyle. Like Clan of the Cave Bear, I became totally absorbed in the lives of the tribes. Ms. Roberts writes with the same intriguing style, and I found myself at its ending wishing for yet another saga in the lives of these women warriors. The storyline is captivating and riveting; place yourself in front of the fireplace with some warming refreshments to set the mood. I look forward to more adventures from this author.

~ S.A.Warren, Author


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