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Trish Dozier

“I found myself craving Circleforks!! It was so real, like reading your best friend’s journal.... and somehow it made my own life seem like a sitcom. Maybe the real meat of life IS the drama which creates each of our own unique, re-creatable stories.”

~Kerri Gedert, Owner, Shrewd Foods


“Edgy and aggressive, Middle demands a gut check with every turn of the page.”

~Dominic Fontana, Dir.Research & Dev., Dreyers Grand Ice Cream


“The author allows us into her heart & mind on the amazing roller coaster journey of her life. She emotionally strips herself down to the core, in the process allowing the reader to take & learn from her. Her honest and unforgiving style of writing is intoxicating to the mind.”

~ Ricardo Rodriguez, Field Reporter, OBX


“Middle is an onion disguised as a butterfly… She herself is a revelation. Put this on your yearly re-read list…”

~ Debra Farrar, Owner, The Total Palate


“This book gave me the new feeling of participating in the deepest depths of the life of the author and incorporating her life in me at the same time. It was almost like eating food instead of reading, enjoying delicious flavors with countless nuances… quite demanding, intense pleasure. It takes stunning courage to open yourself up like a book.”

~Dr. Armin Salmen, Director Research & Dev., White Wave


“Middle winds around her staircase, ascending at a pace sometimes too mild, sometimes caffeinated, calmed by the strength of her perseverance and jolted by the blaring volatility of her spirit.”

~ Debbie Uribe, President, Creative Giselle


I'm rereading Circleforks and just absolutely loving it- I'm glad I'm reading it for a second go round- I have new insight I didn't have before....anyway its like eating chocolate while watching someone's "life-cam" - so addictive and fulfilling in that pure, guilty voyeuristic pleasure kind-of-way. Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself- I'm more drawn to you the more I read (and reread) I just know this book is going to reach a really broad audience.

I'm also so loving the play on character names- everyone can fill in the blanks with their own version of these people you present. Totally universal in so many facets of your story. I just love love love it.

~ Kerri Gedert, Shrewd Foods, Inc.


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