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Jeanne Evans

Ms. Evans has provided an irreverent but thorough look at astrology that should appeal to both the believers and the scoffers. At no point in her book does she say the concept is fraudulent, despite her many quips, nor does she ever evince a true belief, despite the thoroughness of her research. In her analysis of each sign, the author provides a number of bad examples born under that sign. By the accidents of history and astrology, she has managed to especially pique the interests of people like this reviewer, born under the sign of Aries. It seems we get to share a sign with this guy Hitler. That makes the next eleven chapters a “must read” as we desperately examine the extent to which our friends and relatives got slimed, even if it cannot quite come up to that level of evil.

On the other hand, you should probably have an opinion on the subject of astrology, either strongly pro or con, if you are to enjoy this book. But if you do have a strong opinion or an interest in ancient mythology, then this may prove to be an amusing read.

~ Thomas Cleveland Lane, Author


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