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Brett Wallach

AND I LOVE HER has an unusual private-investigator read with a “hero” who seems fine for a lot of the going, but who turns out to be more intelligent (read devious) than the people around him. There’s a huge amount of criticism of divorce proceedings and nasty wives from a self-confessed feminist. There’s aversion to legal reps, there’s friendship with thugs, and through it all there’s love… at least that is what Phil Allman P.I. wants us to believe. The book also sings along with The Beatles while deviously going off track (just like The Beatles, some may say).

I enjoyed it. I enjoyed Phil, the family man, and all his attention to his two little girls. He is fighting a custody battle for them but he is up against American justice and feminism. This investigator paints himself as a loving father (not sure about the food he gives his fledglings!). It’s also great to find a private investigator who gets beaten up, an experience most normal guys can equate with! James Bond is a mere dream by comparison with Phil, whose humanity even stretches as far as depression and failing to work it all out and off at the gym, whose humanity goes even further than getting high blood pressure because of bitches, unfortunately!

A wry tale with a wry twist and lots of humorous dips and digs.

~ John Finch, UK


Great book. I love Brett Wallach's sense of literary humor. Hysterical! At first, I thought, I want to go there, meaning...well, you'll see - but I went anyhow and am so glad I did. Wonderful writing style, great character development and just a smashing sense of humor. AND I LOVE HER is the first of the Phil Allman (main character - who, by the way, reveals humorous quips throughout that simply made me laugh) series I've read. Now, I must enjoy the others, too. The reading flow of Young Blood was easy and intriguing, so both of those things allowed enjoying the book in a single read this afternoon. Be warned, that at first the topic seems, like I said, do I wanna to go there - but go! You'll love it and you'll have a great time. Nice!

~ Margaux Sky 


I enjoyed this slightly hard-boiled detective in, who is as human as you and me. AND I LOVE HER is a tale of a man’s struggle with his Ex and the kids, and some detective work in the mix. The inner dialogue and turmoil rang true to life and that really gave the book an edge. Then half way through, Whamo! An unexpected twist, then another and another. It was well written and moved along at a steady pace. I wanted to know how it would end for Phil, and I was not disappointed​.

~ Theresa Jacobs


While reading AND I LOVE HER, I felt like I was watching an old black and white film. The author does a great job in showing how the main character is disconnected from what others think of him, he wears his flaws proudly, as a badge of honor. The novel is a classic story of cranky P.I. with an unexpected end.

~ LaTonia


5 Stars

Brett Wallach’s AND I LOVE HER is a good old-fashioned murder mystery and I love it! Phil Allman, our protagonist, is a divorcee with 2 pre-teen daughters that means the world to him. Jessica and Anna are the love of his life; they are the light at the end of the tunnel of what would be a dreary, dead-end life for Phil. The story begins with Phil “working on the ugliest case and for the ugliest client of his career,” referring to Sheila Hendricks. Phil is hired by Hendricks to find her 11year-old daughter, Kristina, who has been missing for the past two days. As he prepares for his weekend with his daughters, he is hit with a “protection from abuse” order filled with clever inferences made by his ex-wife Cheryl to make him look unfit as a father. After the blow of being served for the allegations of abuse by his ex and the discovery of Kristina Hendricks’ body that was found dead near her estranged father’s home, it was a lot to swallow. With a Shyster for a lawyer, Phil’s life was now turned upside down, understandably. One by one, people that have wronged him are dying off and it won’t be long before the police question if he has the motivation to kill his would-be enemies.

~ C.C. Prewitt


AND I LOVE HER by Brett Wallach is a gritty look at a modern-day private investigator juggling an ugly divorce, two pre-teen daughters and an unsolved missing person’s case that just won’t go away. I guess I should feel bad for this guy, who obviously has some serious problems, but I just couldn’t stop laughing. Wallach’s wit is spot on, dark and ironic right up until the bitter end. No rainbows and sunshine in this one, just a whole lot of fun.

~ David Wright 



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