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Elaine Schneider

It was nice to have a clear, straight forward, and TRUE message to share with the children. I especially appreciate the memory gift suggestions. I had play dough that was mixed together to a sort of clay gray color. I was surprised how many children and even adults were interested in the clay. I could see the children taking it all in with something hands on to grasp the story even better. A few boys stayed after the moments were over because they hadn't been passed the "clay". I hope God continues to bless your ministry!

~ C.S. Nov. 2002


52 Children's Moments is appropriately titled! Contained within the pages of this book are little moments in time for children to connect to God. As a mom, I imagined sitting down on rainy days with my young girls and teaching them these simple and timeless truths. I also thought, "WOW! Our day care workers would love these!"

Each weekly "treasure" suggests a simple, inexpensive, common item to illustrate the truth for that day. Elaine has done a remarkable job of making God come alive for little hearts and minds."

~ Reverend Beverly Cook


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