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Marketing Tips
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The best way for authors who have their book(s) published digitally is to join social networks such as FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, TSU, Maverick Marketers, etc. This is a great way to keep people up with what you are doing in terms of your work and to generate a fan base. And the more friends you have connected to yourself that are connected to other authors - and to your publisher - the more likely people are to find you and learn about your work.

2) Join Forces with Online Writing Groups

For those of you who find it difficult to find the time to attend weekly or monthly meetings, online writing groups can be just as rewarding.
Here are a few we recommend: - - Author's Den -

3) Search Engines
Adding Key Words to your author webpages and getting your page(s) listed on Search Engines is invaluable to helping you market your work online.

Some of the obvious search engines are Yahoo, HotBot and Google, but you may want to also try Dogpile, Lycos, AltaVista and DOgpile.

4) Join Web Rings

Web rings can drive traffic to your website while helping you to connect to those in your field.
Here are a few we recommend you try out: Red Ink Works - - Writing Corner-

Good luck!

What SynergEbooks Will do for
YOU and your eBook(s)

It goes without saying that SynergEbooks will be marketing your book. But SynergEbooks is first and foremost a digital Publisher. This means that most of our marketing efforts will be aimed at the cyber-savvy public - and most of our time and effort will be put into Internet Marketing.

SynergEbooks will be working to include your books not only in the most popular Search Engines (we are already on Yahoo and Lycos), on Affiliate book sites such as GoodReads, and in online bookstores, but also on sites and E-Zines that cater to your particular books' interests. (SynergEbooks is currently selling our titles in the following eBookstores: Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Content Reserve (aka Overdrive), SmashWords, All Romance eBooks, MagicBlox (for children's books), KOBO Books and more.

SynergEbooks will send you a link to the sites that your book is on as soon as it is uploaded to our online partner bookstore sites so you can link your personal websites to these sites if you wish to. You will occasionally receive links to Writing E-Zines we recommend you sign up for. Note: Many online sites ask for the eBook info to be sent in by you - the author - instead of by the Publisher. When this happens, if you need help, we will work with you to create a Press Release or other information.

Occasionally, SynergEbooks will give a copy of your eBook away for someone to read in order to receive a Review. Once your book is ready for publication, we will provide up to 2 Free CD-ROMs per title to the right Reviewers as per your request.

NOTE: Not all books will require the full editing service before publication. For those that do, you will be asked to find yourself a professional editor before your book will be published. If there is a fee involved, it will not be paid to SynergEbooks, but directly to the editor.

SynergE will place each author’s Author Bio on the Authors section at SynergEbooks. A link to that bio will be included on each title’s Book Title Page. Feel free to direct others to this link from your own web sites as well.

The goal of SynergEbooks is to have our eBook titles available in every digital format possible, including .pdf, ePub (Nook), and .Mobi (Kindle) and other handheld formats. Almost all of our titles available in most of these formats, though some formats aren't available directly via SynergE at this point; any of our titles that are available in these additional formats will have a link to the bookstore(s) that do supply them added to their eBook Synopsis page.

What YOU can do for Your eBook(s)

We recommend that you use the “Strive for Five" method of Marketing. “Strive for Five” means that you try at least 5 of these methods every month (ideally every week, or even every day, whenever possible). This gives you a measurable goal when devising your own marketing plan.

Create a Writer's Bio of yourself:

What would you like the viewing public to know about you? Have you written another book in digital or print format? Have you taken writing courses; did you graduate from high school and/or college; do you have journalism or freelance experience; have you been published before in any other format (magazine articles, newspapers, collections, etc.)? You don't have to include your age or your hometown, but you are welcome to. Create a bio that YOU might like to read when checking out a new author/eBook. Please make sure not to "date" your photo; meaning, don't include things that change frequently, such as your age, how many years you've been married, or even how many books you've written, as that information will change often, making it hard to keep up with over time.

Make your bio as long as you think you need it to be -- one paragraph can be enough. DO NOT WRITE IT IN FIRST-PERSON FORMAT. Bios sound much more professional as if they are written by someone else. And be sure to include any information about your writing experience; readers want to know about that much more than how many children or grandchildren you have.

NOTE: SynergEbooks does reserve the right to edit your bio to fit into the length requirements of our various bookstore and affiliates.

Scan a Photo of yourself:

If you do not have a photo of yourself that you are proud of, then consider having one professionally taken. Studio shots are best -- and make sure it is a photo of just yourself (a pet may be included, if you prefer that). If you cannot scan one, feel free to send it to SynergEbooks via regular mail -- the photo will be returned to you ASAP if you would like it back.

Create a Homepage that Features your Work:

Many websites, ebookstores and E-Zines ask for the Author's homepage link. You may already have a homepage, but if it does not advertise your work, that link won't be of interest to potential readers.

It is a good idea to feature a sample of your eBook on your homepage - do NOT post the entire book (otherwise, why would someone pay for it?) You may use the Excerpt that SynergEbooks creates for your Book Title Page - simply ask for it and it will be sent to you in .doc format. Remember to include a link (possibly via a banner -- see above) to your own eBook page on SynergEbooks so that interested parties can easily order your book.

As soon as your homepage is created, send the link to so that we can include it on your Synopsis page and otherwise use it to help market your eBook.

Have Business Cards Created

One of the simplest - and cheapest - ways to advertise your eBook is to create a business card with the title, brief description and ordering information on it. You can purchase 250 cards for only $5.00 for Shipping & Handling through VistaPrint [] or create your own quickly and easily from home.

Join Writer's Organizations

Joining online writing organizations will create invaluable connections for you as an author, as well as give you forums to discuss ePublishing, writing, Marketing, and keep you up-to-date on all the latest contests and happenings behind the scenes in the digital world of Publishing. Of course, SynergEbooks forwards all pertinent info to our authors - as well as including much of it in our Newsletter issues - but we can't send you all the information you might find interesting or useful in the publishing business. Joining these and many other Writer's organizations will help you to become more successful as an author, and help to give you a much needed support network.[We will be adding more specific information regarding recommended writing organizations to join in the near future.

Enter Contests

SynergEbooks will send out appropriate contest information to its authors whenever possible, but there is no need to stop there. Subscribing to genre E-Zines that cover your eBook topic is a good way to find out where more contests might be then are covered in SynergEbooks' information. Also, if you've written stories or other poetry, enter it in contests whenever possible as well; it always helps to add winning info to your bio -- and will make your current and upcoming eBooks even more easy to market and sell.

Occasionally, one of the requirements of a Contest Entry may be for the Publisher - SynergEbooks - to send in specific information or a copy of your book in a particular format. Please feel free to let us know if this is required; you will receive notification the moment your information has been sent to the perspective company/person. NOTE: SynergEbooks will not be able to supply free copies for every contest you want to join, so be choosy.

NOTE: Authors and/or Staff are not allowed to enter our own Contests.

Collect Reviews of your eBook(s)

Before your eBook is even in the Publication stage, feel free to send out a few copies of your eBook for your friends/family/co-workers to read - on the condition that they send in a Review of your book that can be used. Please remember to ask permission for their reviews - and their names - to be used by SynergEbooks wherever they are needed to help promote/market your eBook(s). A good number to start with is 3-5 Reviews as soon as your eBook is Published, or as soon after as possible.

NOTE: Occasionally, a reviewer may wish his/her name not to be revealed; in this case, we will honor his/her wishes... but it is always better to include at least the initials, if not the last name of each reviewer.

Visit Your Local Bookstores & Libraries

Just because your book is ePublished as opposed to hardcopy published does not mean that your local bookstores won't be interested in what you've written. If need be, SynergEbooks can supply you with floppy disk or CD-ROM copies of your book for only $4.50 each (after the 2 free CDs) that you can distribute at libraries or smaller bookstores.

Pass out your Business Card; ask if you can post flyers on their bulletin boards; give out Catalogs or Price Lists... or better yet, purchase some CD-ROMs of our various eBook titles and give them away or sell for a reduced price.

Many libraries and Bookstores are just now starting to become interested in eBooks, and what better reason for them to look into it more than to take advantage of the knowledge that a 'local' from their own home town. You never know - you could become a local celebrity!

Listen to Radio Talk Shows & the Local News/Read Your Local Paper

One of our authors got a free television spot on her local ABC news when something occurred in her town that was relevant to her book! Radio Talk Shows are another way to see if your eBook can find it's way to an on-air spot. So keep your eyes and ears open for those marketing opportunities!

Maybe your hometown newspaper has a place that you could write up an interesting piece about your newly published eBook. Even if it doesn't, it certainly doesn't hurt to submit an article yourself describing your eBook and how one can order it, or ask our Press Release Agent to create one for you.

And cable or public TV is another avenue not many authors have considered. Call your local television stations and find out if they are producing any local news, morning or talk shows that you could be featured on as a local Writer/Artist. Again, SynergE will help you to contact these people or write up Press Releases for these functions.

Consider sending eBooks as gifts from other SynergEbook Authors! What better way to let your loved ones know more about eBooks -- and your own eBook as well, of course -- then to buy them an eBook or two? (Not to mention, you'd be making your fellow writers extra royalties) SynergEbooks allows all it's authors to purchase other SynergEbooks titles at a 30% discount off the retail price!

Send SynergEbooks information that will help market your eBook(s)! We are never too proud to take advice or suggestions from any of you, so if you have an idea that might help sell your eBook (or ALL the eBooks on the site or in a particular genre), join us in our weekly Wednesday night AUTHOR's CHATs (10 pm EST), or feel free to e-mail me at

Join WEB RINGS Drive traffic to your own site – and to ours - by having your own home page(s) added to the appropriate web rings! Surf the net and find sites that offer web rings on topics that pertain to your eBook's subject matter. Remember to include a link to SynergEbooks on your site so that people can easily purchase a copy of your eBook. SynergEbooks is a member of two Web Rings – the Readers Ring and Pen Dragon Ring (for fantasy titles)

Tell all your friends and family!

It may sound tacky, but word of mouth really works! So what if your friends can't afford to buy your eBook (or maybe some of them have helped you write it and have read it so many times they don't NEED to buy it ), but sending a link to your homepage and asking them to include a link to that homepage, to SynergEbooks' main page, or your book's Synopsis will only help increase the possibilities of making a sale.

Add a link to your homepage and/or to SynergEbooks in your Signature Tags wherever possible as well.

Tell your teachers and/or coworkers about your eBook! If you graduated from college, send information about your published eBook(s) to the school for them to print up in their Alumni newsletters. Being Published is something to be proud of; let others know what you've accomplished; make connections and possibly even more sales!

I want to stress that the above 11 hints are NOT requirements; but they will help increase your book sales. Also, none of the above steps should cost you any money (one exception being some of the contests, of course).

It's all just a part of the 'synergy' between author and publisher, writers and readers, that SynergEbooks works to promote!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me at or call: 931-.


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