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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated  September, 2018

Is digital publishing a route I should take with my manuscript?

You should consider having your book digitally published if...

(1) You own your own computer/laptop and are familiar with searching the internet
(2) You know what a social network (such as FaceBook or Twitter) is and are willing to join (or already have joined) at least 2 social networks
(3) You have read a book online or on your phone, iPad or other digital device and believe in digital books (also known as eBooks) as a valid reading option
(4) You have a valid email address and you are able to check it at least twice a week
(5) Your manuscript is completed, edited, and available in Word (.doc, .docx or .rtf) format.
(6) You are willing and able to have at least 2 online profiles active at all times for marketing purposes, such as your own social network profile(s), a personal website or blog, or any combination thereof.
(7) You are willing and able to help with the marketing of your book and would prefer to have the backing of a reputable publishing company on your side instead of going it alone (aka self-publishing).

How does the ordering process work on your website?

SynergEbooks uses PayPal for our shopping cart; it is safe and secure and customers do not need to sign up with PayPal to order. Customers will order their preferred format via the drop-down menu and their digital file will be sent to them via email within 24 hours (as noted on the website). 

Are you Accepting Submissions at this time?

Submissions are open, but be sure to check the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES before you resubmit to see if that has changed.  

How should I submit my manuscript?

Please include ONLY the first 3 chapters of your book - or no more than 5-6 poems - in ONE Word (.doc, .docx or .rtf) document via email attachment. NO OTHER FORMATS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Zip files are no longer accepted.
(If you include more than one document when you send your email, it automatically turns into a .zip file, so please avoid doing so). See the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES for more information.

NOTE: An agent may initially submit for you, but said agent must include your full contact information, including your email address, and all subsequent communication - and royalty payments - will be sent directly to the author. If you are not using an agent, the author must be the one to submit his/her own work unless specifically requested or approved beforehand.


Your name, email address, a brief - no more than 300 words - description of your book, your suggested genre(s), approximate word count and if a cover will be made or is already available. Also remember to include if this is a first or second edition of your book. If your book is a second edition, you need to list where it was previously published and in what format(s). DO NOT include a Table of Contents (TOC) or an outline unless your book is nonfiction. You must also include the marketability of your title (age group, niche market, etc.), including your specific plans to market your book in digital format. For more information, click on our SUBMISSIONS link above. Make sure to note if this is a simultaneous submission - and notify us if your book gets accepted elsewhere if you do not hear from us first.

Please submit your manuscript to our Acquisitions Editor at (If that email bounces back, you may send it to

How should I submit a children's book manuscript?

SynergEbooks does not supply illustrators for children's books. The author must comission an illustrator before your manuscript will be accepted. Your children's book must be complete before it is submitted for publication (with the exception of a series, in which only the first book has to be completed at the time you submit your query), which means the illustrations have to already be produced (or at least have one complete with the rest in progress) and an illustrator commissioned to complete the rest of the illustrations at the author's expense (or he/she will receive a portion of royalties, as per the Children's Author Contract).  

Send your query in the body of the email, along with the TEXT of your book. The attachment for a children's books should be ONE illustration in .JPG or .JPEG format (no PDF files, please). We recommend you send the cover as your one illustration.

More information on children's book submissions and illustrations can be sent upon request.

How long does it take for a book, once it's accepted, to be displayed on the site?

An eBook can be displayed on our site as a 'COMING SOON' title once the Author Contract has been signed and the full manuscript of the book has been received.  Once a cover is created, a BOOK TITLE PAGE will be created and pre-orders can be accepted for that title. The average time from date of acceptance to actual publication is 4-6 months, occasionally longer, depending on any number of factors. This will be discussed in further detail once your manuscript is accepted.

How much say do I have over my book and its contents?

The author will always retain his/her rights to said eBook. SynergEbooks works closely with each author to make sure that both author and publisher are happy with the final product.

Do I have to pay for editing?

As stated in the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES, basic line editing (checking for spelling mistakes and typos) is done FREE of charge by SynergEbooks. If your book requires more than the basic editing, we will ask that you resubmit once you have found an editor and reworked your manuscript. All of the books on our site are edited fully; we want you to be as proud as we are of your finished product.

Do I have to pay for a cover?

If you have not supplied a cover for your eBook title, SynergEbooks will provide one for you FREE of charge.

NOTE: If your cover is created by SynergEbooks, you will not be allowed to take said cover with you if your book becomes out-of-print at SynergE, but you can keep the rights to any cover that you create/provide.

What if I create my own cover?

All covers are subject to acceptance by SynergEbooks. It is best that covers be created in 150 dpi or larger (300 dpi preferred, if you want to use the same cover for digital and print formats). All covers should be sent via attached mail to in .JPG or .JPEG format ONLY or to our Dropbox.

How is my eBook priced?

All of our eBook titles are priced at $4.88 to start, occasionally more for nonfiction titles (these are digital downloads). The CD-ROM version of an eBook is currently selling from $6.50 (free S&H in the US). The average price for most of our digital titles is $4.88. The average list price of our CD-ROMs is $6.50 US (with free S&H). 

How much Marketing is done for my eBook title(s)?

Marketing is an ongoing process, and is expected by both the Publisher AND the Author for as long as your eBook is listed with SynergEbooks.  SynergEbooks will help its Authors create Press Releases, find book reviewers and more, depending on the genre and other factors of each book. SynergEbooks will also market via its social networks, including a FaceBook Fan PageTUMBLR, Twitter and more. Our eBook titles are displayed in every major eBookstore (including Smashwords, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble and more). Since each eBook title is unique, we will help to create just the right marketing strategy for you and your title(s).

Where is my eBook displayed?

Every eBook title has a "BOOK TITLE PAGE", which includes a short description, a brief excerpt from the book, and a link to the author's bio and any reviews on our website, as well as the ordering information and 3 to 5  links to other retail sites (such as Amazon Kindle) where your book can be purchased directly. Occasionally, your eBook title may be featured on our main page or on SynergE's social networks (see links above). Our partner bookstores may also decide to promote your title(s), which may or may not include a promotional price for a limited time. A few of the bookstores where our digital books are carried are Smashwords (which includes Sony and Apple), Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, All Romance eBooks, KOBO Books and Overdrive (aka Content Reserve). Some titles are also listed at various other retail sites, depending on their genre(s).

How soon before my eBook shows up on other sites online?

On average, it takes one month after initial publication for each title to be converted into all available digital formats and sent to our various online eBookstores. SynergE has no control over how long it takes for your book(s) to be displayed at said stores, but the average time is 1 day to 2 weeks from the time of upload.  Your first Royalty Statement may not be sent for another 2-3 months, depending on where your book has sold, since every retailer has a different payment policy regarding when they send royatlies. Royalty Statements are sent to you via email if your book has sold 2 or more copies in a given month. An email will also be sent to you if you have had at least 1 sale in a given month.

Reviews - How do I get them?

Once your manuscript is edited, SynergEbooks may send out 1-3 free copies of your book in digital format or on CD-ROM to various online and/or offline Reviewers (depending on the genre of your book and the marketing strategy) to get reviews that will be ready by the time your book is displayed on our site - though is is not always possible to have them available at the time of publication. You may also send us any reviews you've received, so we may include those on your synopsis page and marketing portfolios for various bookstores. The sooner you receive a review(s), the better. Reviews can also be added at any time after publication and displayed at any number of places, including via a link on the author's BOOK TITLE PAGE, SynergE's social networks and at many retail stores.

NOTE: There is no set length for a review, but it is recommended that they be no longer than 200 words so that the entire review will fit the requirements of most of the retail sites.

Are your books put into Print-on-Demand format?

Yes. Print-on-Demand (better known as POD or paperback) is the DIGITAL version of publishing in print, and SynergEbooks uses CreateSpace for their POD titles.  All print titles are automatically listed at Amazon and the CreateSpace eStore once they are available.  Some titles will also be listed at Barnes & Noble in paperback format.

NOTE:  There is no guarantee that any particular book will be put into print, though most of our newest titles are eventually put into POD format.

How does the print process work at SynergEbooks?

You may request your book to be converted to print, but SynergEbooks reserves the right to decline putting your book into this format.  The decision to put a book into print will be be based on a number of factors, including the genre of the book, author's willingness and ability to market his/her work, digital sales in the first few months, and the author's continued willingness and ability to market the digital version of said book. More information about this process will be given once your book is accepted.


Digital books are set at a standard rate of $4.88 for newly released fiction and up to $9.98 for nonfiction and children's eBooks. The price for CD-ROMs is $6.50. For paperbacks, the retail price of your book is on average set at $9.98-$12.50, with the list price $8.98-19.98 (the price depends on how many pages your book has in its printed format and whether or not illustrations included).  

Once the retail price for a paperback is set, it cannot be raised, but a book CAN be offered at a price lower than retail at any given time for various reasons. 

Do I get any free copies of my book? SynergEbooks will send one free Review copy of your book in print. You can use these for reviews, to give away, or sell them as you see fit. Feel free to ask if you may be sent your free copies when your book has been sent in for conversion.


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