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True Crime
Title: Blood Stained
Author: Dory Maust
This biography, based on David's personal confession never before seen or heard by the public, unravels a chilling yet thought-provoking true story.

Title: Demons and Madmen
Author: Christopher J. Kurtz, Ph.D.
Examine the phenomenon of serial murder through new theories and case studies of some of the most destructive murderers of modern times.

Title: Inside Death Row: The Study of Death Row Inmates and the Causes of Their Behavior
Author: Christopher J. Kurtz Ph.D.
Both a qualitative and quantitative study of death row inmates in America, based on several years of research and correspondence with the condemned.
Title: The Man Who Fell From the Sky
Author: William Norris
Captain Alfred Lowenstein, Companion of the Bath, multi-millionaire, aviator and sportsman, friend of kings, maker and loser of fortunes, was going to his grave almost alone at the age of fifty-one. Here is the true story of the gaudy life and bizarre demise of 20's tycoon Alfred Lowenstein and the modern-day quest to solve the tantalizing mystery of his death.
Author: Christopher Carr
Description: After 40 years of guilt and anger, “he” begins killing the men he believes are responsible: The members of the protest groups, and the men that put him on campus in the first place...
Title: MEET...the Oddsmaker
Author: Ted Hasson
Description: What happens when a malicious executive, his duplicitous wife, and a nefarious pole-dancing paramour face off with Ted Hasson, a trusted financial facilitator in the insurance industry? A fast-paced, riveting expose about what happens when you make enemies of the powerful with an agenda.
Title: THE RULES OF THE GAME: One Man's Fight Against an Unjust System
Author: Terry Amos and Nihar Suthar
Description: Terry Amos spent more than 17 years in jail after being falsely accused of rape. Follow his gut-wrenching story behind the scenes of the most dangerous prisons in America, all while he explores the rules of the game on socially unacceptable topics like rape, racism, and violence, but also inspiring subjects like friendship and truth.
Title: SnowBird
Author: William Norris
Andrew Richard Barnes was the man who flew the very first shipment of cocaine for the Medellin Cartel into the United States, and continued the dangerous trade for almost a full decade. He became the target of a determined assassination attempt by the Panamanian dictator, Manuel Noriega - and lived to tell the tale.
Title: A Talent to Deceive: Who Really Killed the Lindberg Baby?
Author: William Norris
Charles Lindbergh, now known to have been the father of seven illegitimate children, is exposed as a great deceiver who was guilty of being the instigator of judicial murder. It is time the story was told.


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