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Title: The Ghosts of Daemon Yarborough
Author: Margaret Marr
Description: Decades after the initial incidents that took the lives of Daemon Yarborough’s wives, murder hangs over the old Yarborough mansion, leaving a dark pall. Now, restless spirits roam the empty corridors waiting for the living to return in order to finish what was begun nearly a century ago.
Title: Grave Keeper Series [Books 1 - 5]
Author: Margaret Marr
Description:All 4 Grave Keeper books together in one volume! Includes Dark of the Moon, Rage Against the Dying Light, Lucifer in Starlight, False Memories... and Chill of the Night, a never-before published 5th book in the Series!
Title: In the Shadow of Sin
Authors: Margaret Marr
A Harley Davidson-riding ex-preacher joins forces with a local American Indian and a pretty bartender to fight an evil force taking over their town.
Title: Julia's Room
Author: William Wilde
Description: A woman who once spent years being held captive in a basement room is being menaced by someone all over again.
Title: The Lansing Project: Nowhere to Hide 
Author: Dory Maust
Iran launches a nuclear bomb at Israel and a radical Islamic regime occupies the United States of America, imposing Sharia Law. The Pakistani Taliban joins forces with al-Qaeda in the lawless tribal regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Concentration camps fill quickly with Jewish, Christian, African American, homosexual, mentally ill and physically handicapped human beings. Eugenics is on the rise again and one woman who holds the key to her freedom is locked behind the walls of amnesia.
Title: Norahs: The Alien's Caretaker
Author: Sharon Kull
Description: Beverly is taking very good care of the unusual weeds that suddenly appeared in her backyard. She does not know that insect aliens from another planet are growing inside of them. Nor does she know of their intentions to annihilate all humans and take over Earth.
Title: Write Off [A Mike Malone Detective Novel - Bk 1] 2nd ed
Author: D.B. Woodling
Description: What do three disgruntled ex-wives and a serial killer have in common? Mike Malone, a cynical, rugged detective on the brink of psychosis. No one writes him off..


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