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New Age
Title: Ariel and the Lady of the House: Moon in the 8th
Author: Laura Lynn
Ariel and Brad are ready to begin their happily ever after together. But between the disdain of their respective ex-spouses, a surprise visit from the stork, and a hidden enemy from Brad’s past, the two of them can’t get any peace.
Title: Ariel's Office: Moon Void of Course
Author: Laura Lynn
Description: Ariel McManus is a stay-at-home mom who finds herself no longer the star of her own life as her husband’s drive for success supersedes all else in their marriage. Her one consolation is the astrology business she runs out of the office above her garage, but soon Ariel is forced to face truths about her failing marriage and her innermost desires in order to reclaim her life… and her identity.
Title: Banana Patch
Author: Michael David
Description: An adventure in spirit, fantasy and fiction set in a mostly-idyllic Hawaiian hippie paradise. Take the trip to Banana Patch!
Title: Before Banana Patch
Author: Michael David
Description: Michael Jay takes a spiritual journey from Walla Walla, Washington, into the world of meditation, Eastern mysticism, and...Maui
Title: Numerology: Making It Work For You
Author: Shane Ward
Designed to help people understand how numbers apply to real people.
Title: The Philosophy of the Tarot for the 21st Century
Author: Shane Ward
This book sweeps aside the myths and the mysteries to reveal how the meaning of all 78 cards of this ancient philosophy applies to the people of today. The cards are explained in such a way as never before, looking at how each Tarot card can reflect every-day, real life events in the modern world. This book is a must for professional Tarot readers and students alike.
Title: The Philosophy of My Wandering Cat
Author: Elena Iglesias
THE PHILOSOPHY OF MY WANDERING CAT is a collection of short stories for readers to reflect on and see how they can be instructive in their own lives. Her philosophical fables help shed light on a path to enlightenment.
Title: Welcome to the 5th Dimension
Author: Sierra Roberts
Lorraine has channeled messages from highly evolved spiritual teachers. Their mission is to help humanity embrace the incoming fifth dimension energy. The messages, plus Lorraine's practical tips and humor, will leave you full of hope for yourself, humanity and the fate of planet Earth.


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