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Native American
Title: One Acorn's Journey
Author: Rhonda S. Edwards
Found on the beach by a Native American woman, a little acorn begins its journey to becoming a 1500 year old live oak tree.
Title: HAILl! NENE KARENNA, THE HYMN: A Novel of the Founding of the Five Nations
Author: Bruce A. Burton
A one-of-a-kind story of how two Native American men, are able to turn their sufferings into a multi-national triumph and set world democracy in motion in America 200 years before the consequent formation of the American union.
Title: Jenny's Homecoming
Author: Christie Shary
Description: The heartwarming story of young love lost to war; the mourning of this special love, and finally, love regained. Set against the wild and rugged beauty of Grand Teton National Park in northwestern Wyoming, ‘Jenny’s Homecoming’ tells the story of Jenny McFadden, a part-Shoshoni Indian school teacher and war widow.
Title: Philosopher's Stone
Author: E. Ervin Tibbs

Description: When Aztec gold is stolen and the archeologist who discovered it is found murdered, Kyle Brinhaven and his Apache stepfather, Joe Tincup work together to find the killer.
Title: Shannon's Revenge (Bk 2)
Author: D.B. Woodling
George Armstrong Custer believes the only good Indian is a dead one. The only thing he detests more than a Sioux warrior is a deserter. When his conviction affects someone Shannon loves, Custer’s planned slaughter of those he labels ‘savages’ is nothing compared to the revenge she has in store.
Title: She Who Flies With Doves
Author: Sharon Kull
When In the year of her 17th summer, half white, half Apache She Who Flies With Doves is raped by outlaws and cast out of the tribe to fend for herself.
Title: Wolf Song
Author: Velda Brotherton
When Olivia volunteers to work with TenderCare, an organization that supports the restoration of the gray wolf to Yellowstone Park, she becomes the target of a mysterious wolf killer.


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