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Mystery 3
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Title: The Enemy Stalks [Hawkman Book 1]
Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Agent Jim Anderson has retired from the Agency after seeking revenge against his wife's killers. Soon, the ring leader finds him and begins his pursuit of his former rival by sending in his hired guns...
Title: Evil in the Stone
Author: Sharon Kull
Combine a huge mutant wolf, long-distance truck drivers, comings and goings of unearthly creatures and two young women who are determined to cope. What do you have? A slight problem at The Truck Stop Diner, located in the desert region of southern Arizona. Now add a mysterious glowing stone and a Being from another world.
Title: Fat Chance Goes Hollywood
Author: J Michael Donovan
Francis “Fat” Chance is head of a successful law firm. While Fat fumbles with his own crumbling marriage and a mysterious someone who is threatening his life, he seeks solace by having an affair with a luscious film star . . . the same one he finds himself accused of murdering. His efforts to clear both himself and his client carry the reader along to share in the intricacies of a frenzied, often amusing legal melee that is life within a local justice system.
Title: Final Claim
Author: D.B. Woodling
After FBI Director Stanos is killed in a car bombing, Detective Mike Malone is determined to find his killer. His efforts hampered by the FBI, Malone eventually discovers a cover-up by a faction known only as The Committee and their chief objective...balancing the national budget at all costs.
Title: Five Women in Black
bf oswald
Why do some very intelligent women make such poor choices when it comes to romance? And how do they become embroiled in devious plots not of their making? Rea Parker knows. This is her story.

Title: Freeze Out [Phil Allman P.I. Book 4]
Author: Brett Wallach
Felix Brigati, New Jersey rock legend, has been getting threatening, anonymous texts. He hires an old acquaintance, Phil Allman, Philadelphia P.I., to safeguard him. But that backfires when Phi holds Felix hostage himself.
Title: The Ghosts of Daemon Yarborough
Author: Margaret Marr
Description: Decades after the initial incidents that took the lives of Daemon Yarborough’s wives, murder hangs over the old Yarborough mansion, leaving a dark pall. Now, restless spirits roam the empty corridors waiting for the living to return in order to finish what was begun nearly a century ago.
Title: Gnome
Author: Sharon Kull

Description The computer on the reception desk at Sunset Investigations is breeched by the blocky image of a serial killer. Detectives Marcus Ryan and Frank Curtis are not pleased. The ace up their sleeve is Doreen Patrick, girl-friday with incredible hacking skills. But can they find the killer before he kills again?
Title: The Goatman
Authors: Jeff Fuell
Danny Brent tells the story about his strange life and death adventure with his two best friends and how the Goatman saved his life.
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