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Title: Abyssal (Torment - Book 3)
Author: Will Molinar
Chaos reigns. Princess Jaqueline has fallen into ruin, losing her humanity to the powerful demonic forces arrayed against her people while her brother rallies the human survivors of the kingdom to combat the forces of pouring forth from the eldritch pit. Hallis and Brahm continue to hunt for allies but will their effort be in time to stave off the final darkness?
Title: Ashes in the Grave (The Restless - Book 1)
Author: Will Molinar
After the events of Shadows in the Dust, the land has spent the last five years rebuilding after the devastation left in the vampire Ravenholt’s wake. Into this vacuum steps an even greater threat in the form of wight lord, Hector Brightblade.
Title: Blasphemous (Torment - Book 1)
Author: Will Molinar
Not all is well within the kingdom. Some insidious force is at work in the deepest levels of the castle and surrounding land, corrupting everything the people hold dear.
Title: Daysleeper
Author: Vanyell Delacroix
Children and adults alike have always been fascinated by creatures of the night – especially vampires. Delacroix creates an incredible atmosphere of dark shadows and secrets unfolding in this poetic journey of the life of a vampire.
Title: Descendent (Torment Book 2)
Author: William Molinar
The battle with the northmen has been won and Prince Jason is now the king of the realm. While his sister Jacqueline loses herself to evil, Brahm takes a party of celestials into the netherworld to discover the ultimate plan of the enemy.
Title: Echoes in the Night [The Restless - Book 3]
Author: Will Molinar
Wight lord Hector Brightblade has wrested control of Drakenhof Castle from the embittered humans. He has his long-favored prize… but how long can he regain control with the Lich Master’s power unleashed, threatening to undo all the undead lords have accomplished?
Title: Evil Little Stories: A Collection
Author: Neal McKenna
In this collection of short stories, McKenna introduces you to a world where freakish events turn the lives of ordinary and not-so-ordinary people inside-out. Each one starts firmly planted in everyday reality but quickly skews off into a nightmarish, yet familiar,realm.
Title: Exile
Author: Will Molinar
The ancient land of Semonote holds terrible secrets, spoken of only in hushed tones. In an attempt to bring his family to prominence, Omar Rabini emarks upon a quest across the trackless land of the Scorching Sun to seek an ancient, buried treasure.
Title: Night Terrors: A Collection of Short Stories
Author: Barbara Valletto
A spine-tingling and riveting journey into psychic/supernatural, horror/thriller and suspense/mystery themes.
Title: Shades of the Evening: A Gothic Novel
Author: I.M. Tillerman
When their father commits suicide, his two daughters receivea letter from their father asking them to spend a weekend in the long-abandoned, dilapidated farmhouse of their father’s childhood. That’s when the dark and violent secrets of their past finally come to the surface...
Title: Shadows in the Dust
Author: Will Molinar
The infamous fallen general of a shattered kingdom, Marcus Ravenholt now rules a land of despair. A new force with a dark secret has arisen to threaten him, drawing their recruits from the common people of the land to do battle with the vampire's inexhaustible legions. But are the men working for good or are they making things worse by inciting the ire of the greatest warrior the land has ever known?


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