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Title: The Phoenix Sparrow: A Fable
Author: I.M. Tillerman
When two siblings who were inseparable during childhood are separated by the untimely death of one of them, the sister returns from death to save her brother’s life.
Title: Sage Truth (Teadai Prophecies - Book 2)
Author: Dana Davis
Enemies seem to be growing with every sunrise, and when the Gypsy kin are captured by an elusive enemy, they fear they will die. There is hope, though, as they gather allies from unexpected places.
Title: The Secret Invasion (The God Chronicles - Book 1)
Author: Jon D. Zimmer
A beautiful hallucination named Angelica draws scientist Michael into a battle for the dominion of Earth. Dominic Dred has managed to leave a place where life continues after Earth, to return in an attempt to be its ruler. Can Angelica and Michael save Earth from Dred’s plan to become its deity before he destroys the world?
Title: Shadows in the Dust
Author: Will Molinar
The fallen general of a shattered kingdom, Marcus Ravenholt now rules the land. A new force has arisen to threaten him, drawing their recruits from the people of the land to do battle with the vampire's inexhaustible legions. But are the men working for good or making things worse by inciting the ire of the greatest warrior the land has ever known?
Title: Supreme Tiger, Princess Dragon
Author: Frank D. Rogers
In the Land of Clouds there is peace… peace kept and celebrated with a generational tribute to the dragon queen. Princess Jun has dedicated her life to continuing this peace. All is well… until she meets Yusain, a man who threatens to destroy the peace, as well as steal her heart...
Title: The Teadai Prophecies Trilogy [Books 1-3]
Authors: Dana Davis
What do a mysterious woman, a tavern wench who counts to calm her fears, and several annoying adolescents have in common? They are destined for a magical and uncertain future together. Whether they want it or not. For millennia, Gypsies have harnessed the Energy, allowing them to perform incredible feats of magic. Ready or not, the prophesied New Age is upon them, and they must overcome a growing list of enemies or disappear forever.
Title: Temple of Conquest
Author: Mark Broe
Humanity is trapped on a large island. Telep is a thriving young rock climber in an isolated mountain society on one side of the island. After a tragic climbing accident, he discovers that the world is much larger than he’d been told. Temple of Conquest follows Telep’s inner struggle through a maelstrom of treachery, deceit, friendship, and new discoveries.
Title: Wizards' Goal (Book 1 of the Terrath Trilogy)
Author: Alan J. Garner
One reluctant hero. Two opposing wizards. Three converging prophecies. You do the math.
Title: War: Horseman of the Apocalypse - Love Blooms Eternal
Author: Jeff Fuell
Troubled, the legendary Horseman of the Apocalypse feels the need to visit Earth, where he once lived in a former life. There, he meets a woman who he is drawn. Soon he is forced to make a choice between his vow with God and his love for this woman.
Title: Wolf Song
Author: Velda Brotherton
When Olivia volunteers to work with TenderCare, an organization that supports the restoration of the gray wolf to Yellowstone Park, she becomes the target of a mysterious wolf killer.
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