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Title: Inside Death Row: A Study of Deathrow Inmates and the Causes of Their Behavior
Author: Christopher Kurtz, PhD
Description: A qualitative and quantitative study of death row inmates in America, based on several years of research and correspondence with the condemned.
Title: Intimate Deaths
Author: Jon D. Zimmer
When every person Mary Webster falls in love with ends up dead, she seeks the help of a psychiatrist. That is where her alternate personalities are discovered. But is she really the cause of their deaths?
Author: Christopher Carr
Description: After 40 years of guilt and anger, “he” begins killing the men he believes are responsible: The members of the protest groups, and the men that put him on campus in the first place...
Title: Murder in Mayberry: A Pleasing Shape
Author: I.M. Tillerman
Description: A seventy year-old man retires to Mayberry to discover that this supposedly peaceful town is not what he expected...
Title: Murder in Mayberry Revisited: All Hidden Things
Author: I.M. Tillerman
Description: Deputy Jason, still in the middle of a trial separation from his wife, finds himself also in the middle of a heinous crime. This time, however, a double murder plunges him and Sheriff Taylor into an investigation replete with red herrings and other surprises.
Title: Murder in Mayberry: Barney's Return (Book 3)
Author: I.M. Tillerman
Description: In the final book of the Murder in Mayberry trilogy, while Jason struggles to accept his recent divorce, Barney Fife returns to Mayberry to claim Jason’s job as Sheriff Taylor’s fulltime deputy. When one of Mayberry’s oldest, most disliked citizens is gruesomely murdered, the Sheriff’s Office swings into action.



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