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Title: Massimo's Meatballs
Author: Nancy S. Mure
Massimo’s Meatballs is a fun story about a young boy and his Sunday ritual of eating meatballs. The lighthearted events unfold as Massimo realizes that his father is not there to make the Sunday treat of traditional Italian meatballs. Massimo takes the task on himself!
Title: Naughty, Naughty Spiders & Other Creatures
Author: Megan de Matteo
This colorful, enchanting picture book invites young readers to crawl inside the strange and impressive world of insects, such as lady bugs, moths, bees… and of course, spiders… encouraging curiosity and respect for the creatures they don’t understand.
Title: Old Faithful: A Loggerhead Turtle's Story
Author: Rhonda S. Edwards and Wendy S. Tyree
After 29 years, a disabled loggerhead sea turtle returns home to lay her eggs… and gets help from the Dept. of Nature Resource naturalists so her babies can survive into the wild.
Title: One Acorn's Journey
Author: Rhonda Edwards
Found on the beach by a Native American woman, a little acorn begins its journey to becoming a 1500 year old live oak tree.
Title: Papa in the Sky
Nancy S. Mure
Description: Papa in the Sky, told in a child’s voice, is an inspiriting story about death and heaven.
Title: The Pink Lizard
Nancy S. Mure
Description: Hillary was a pink lizard that wondered why the other lizards didn't look like her. So she sets out to find out why.
Title: Pirates at Pawleys: Another Carolina Cousins Mystery
Rhonda S. Edwards
Description: The Carolina Cousins are back at Pawleys Island… this time as volunteers with the DNR’s turtle rescue program, where they dive in to solve the mystery of who’s robbing of these protected animals.


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