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Title: Alien Fringe
Geroge LoBuono
A novella about contact with aliens, plus stories about backpackers who tempt death in Asia, a dark-skinned beauty in a Java massage parlor, a redwood tree planter who has mystic insights high up on a wintery mountain, a tale of women's revenge, and more.
Title: Don't Be Afraid of the Storm
Author: Lynn Jeffcott
A collection of true stories about miracles and divine intervention. It is a book of comfort and hope in our troubled times, an affirmation that we are never alone, even in our darkest moments.
Title: Echoes of Ellen
bf Oswald
Description: In the process of disposing of his wife’s things, a widower finds three boxes of short stories his wife wrote during their marriage, which he did not know existed.
Title: Evil Little Stories: A Collection
Author: Neal McKenna
In this collection, McKenna introduces you to a world where freakish events turn the lives of ordinary and not-so-ordinary people inside-out. Each one starts firmly planted in everyday reality but quickly skews off into a nightmarish, yet familiar, realm.
Title: Haunted Holidays: Tales of Inspiration, Terror and Reflection
Author: Neal Parks
Journey into a world of limitless possibilities, unbelievable miracles, bizarre space and time rifts, and encounter spirits that cross the paths of the weary, the faithless, and the lost and help them rewrite their futures!
Title: Innumerable Variations: 7 Tales of Enigma
Author: I.M. Tillerman
In this collection of stories, mysterious things seem to happen, from a South Dakota farmboy discovering that he is the last person on Earth, to a professor living next door to Superman, to a nocturnal appearance of an alien spacecraft outside of a motel room in Des Moines
Title: The Long and Short Adventures of Eamon Birdsley
Author: Alan J. Garner
A hilarious and fanciful romp covering the trials and tribulations of a boy struggling to make sense of his life while dealing with everyday growing ains.
Title: Night Terrors: A Collection of Short Stories
Barbara Valletto
Description: A spine-tingling and riveting journey into the psychic/supernatural,horror/thriller and suspense/mystery themes.
Title: Odd Angles: The Short Stories of Steven Fisher
Author: Steven Fisher
Human beings are odd in every way in Steven Fisher’s expanded collection of short stories.
Title: Short Stories by a Short Author
Author: bf oswald
Short Stories by a Short Author is a collection of fourteen short stories, which include excerpts from five of his novels, articles and witticisms that oswald created during his years as a minister and later as a college professor. Many of the inclusions have been published in journals and newspapers.
Author: D.B. Woodling
Three novellas in one! What do Izzy Kennedy, Scout Bell, and Summer Persimmon Phinne have in common? Lives built on lies...and a mother/daughter bond that can be sliced but never severed.
Title: Stories That Bite You
Author: William Wilde
Nineteen chilling stories that sink their teeth into you and don't let go... A murderous vending machine... A marathon race that never ends... Junk mail that kills... A gigantic parking lot with no exit. These stories leave their marks long after you finish reading them.


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