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A Radical Gospel

by Toto Gale



From the clubs of New York to the high-stakes tables in Vegas, from helplessness and ignorance to freedom and wonder, Albert’s ascent to wisdom is exciting and swift. “Love and live by love,” he says, “all forms arising are spirit. The Transcendental Sun always shines. Live in that, always free of the self-illusion.”



From The True Story of St. Albert...

  I asked him if it was only our conditioning from our early years that is our bondage. Albert didn’t think merely so. He thought we’d developed social personae through this conditioning and had modified through our experience, in both good and bad ways, a deeper conditional personality that was born with us. He said that, when he had read the teachings of great spiritual Realizers, all pointing to the ‘non-sense’ of identification as less than the whole and all, a seed took root. One day it was as though he walked through himself and, from then, there are only bright patterns arising in conscious light and, from there, nothing that isn’t seen.
  I didn't understand what Albert had just said and asked, ‘How does the separate self-sense appear in the first place?’
  ‘You’re doing it now.’
  ‘How is it not the case for you?’
  ‘There is no separate self,’ Albert said, ‘No one within.’

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