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by Margaret Marr


Evil has turned Xaphan, a rogue angel, loose on earth for a short season. His assignment? To cause as much heartache and pain as he can. He’s not here to win. He’s here to have fun while meddling in other people’s lives.

From Those Who Walk Among Us...

Halfway across the river, the fisherman cast his line, oblivious to their presence. Even if he could have heard them, the roar of the river would have drowned out all sounds as it sped downstream at a dizzying pace.

Sally Ann’s heart thumped out an erratic beat against his arm. She squirmed and lunged once more toward Rick. John restrained her with a firm but gentle embrace, understanding her pain. “No,” he whispered against her ear.

Suddenly the fisherman lost his footing, and as his arms wind-milled in a futile attempt to save himself from a fall, his other foot slipped, spilling him backward into the muddy river.

“No!” Sally Ann screamed as he disappeared beneath the murky water.

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