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by Joe Freitus


The beginning of World War Two found Krill Swryker, a smuggler with a fishing boat,  was running ball  bearings from Sweden to Germany, became involved in smuggling an English Nuclear scientist out of Norway to England and falls in love with her.

From The Smuggler...

  Entering the wheelhouse, he removed his hat and announced, “People call me Krill. And you?”
 The woman slowly and carefully stepped from the corner shadows. “I am Mrs. Anne Walker.” She was either tall or standing on a box. Her auburn hair was neatly tucked into a green silk head scarf. Her body was hidden by a seaman’s pea coat and a dark pair of trousers. She spoke with a clear voice that hinted at education. Her face appeared plain with a touch of makeup for color. “Krill. Isn’t that the name for the small shrimp-like animal that whales eat?”
 “Yeah, my mother had a sense of humor, I think.” He placed the papers on the navigation table. “You want to tell me what this is all about, Mrs. Anne Walker. I dislike playing games with the Gestapo, especially in Bergen, Norway.”

 “If you are unwilling to take me to Bergen, we can always find someone else who would be willing for the money.”
 “Is it possible you can explain who the ‘we’ is?”
 Marteen stood beside Krill and stated nervously, “We’re running out of time.”

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