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by Richard Madison

FBI Agent Jake Chrome and his team are charged with eliminating Islamic extremist Ali Ben Saleem…. Hopefully before the deadly commander can bleed the Homeland. But what Jake doesn’t know is that Ali has put Jake’s young family in the crosshairs of the
Sword of the Jihad…

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From Sword of the Jihad...

   Raheem did not want to upset his master, but he did want to demonstrate his support when he asked, “Are you planning vengeance on the American?”
   Ali was inconveniently focused by the question. He knew that his supporters and his people were wondering – in fact, anticipating – the strike of retribution which must be taken against the soldier of the infidels who had killed his father and brother. He thought, These Americans think they are anonymous on the battlefield. They cannot imagine the dedicated people we have who work among them, keeping us informed as to much of their secret operations. They would soil themselves if they understood how much we knew about them and their plans against Islam. Out loud he said, “Yes, my brother, I am planning to make them pay for their crimes against us, but I must think of the movement first.”
   Raheem nodded in respect for this man, who despite losing his family was still focused on the Jihad. He bowed slightly and returned to his seat.

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