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Oberon - Book 2
by P.G. Forte

 ~ Available in Paperback ~


Falling in love was not a possibility Sam or Martha envisioned.  Now, Sam the skeptic must help Marsha the seer see past the scars she carries, and the lies he’s told her, to the truth that lives within their hearts and minds.

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From A Sight to Dream Of...

   Paige Delaney sat at her same old table on the patio of the Beach Hoppers Cafe, drinking her same old double-tall-caramel-low-fat-latte, and contemplating her life. The prospect was not a pleasant one. Her thoughts were as gray and as gloomy as the day itself.
   Paige had first come to Oberon as a student at nearby UC Abraxas. She had stayed, at first, for all the usual reasons: because she’d been charmed by the climate and the scenery, the open-minded tolerance, and the laid-back, relaxed lifestyle she found there. When those reasons had all worn thin, she had stayed because she’d been spoiled by the big fish/little pond fame she’d achieved as a reporter here. And because she’d fallen in love.
   Hopelessly, disastrously, unrequitedly in love.

Book 3 - Sound of a Voice That is Still

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